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Traditional children's toys: toy shops with accessories, market stalls and play kitchens

From the age at about two years children like to play everyday situations. Cooking, shopping and selling are among the most popular role-playing games. So, if you go to the supermarket together with mom and dad and buy local products at the weekly market, it's not surprising that even the little ones soon want to do the same in the in-house grocery shop or with their own fruit and vegetable stall. Hardly returned home from shopping, in the children's kitchen the organic food is prepared to delicious dishes. Toy shops, as well as market stalls, push card and play kitchens are traditional children's toys, which have retained their appeal despite digital gaming worlds.

Role toys made of eco-friendly wood and bioplastics

Toy shops and stalls for children provide solid quality, made of durable eco-friendly wood. If PEFC or FSC® certified wood is used for this, the children's toys bear the idea of sustainability, as the wood comes from responsibly managed forestry. For children's kitchens and grocery shops, the use of recycled wood is also conceivable. The colours used to paint the miniature editions are water-based, solvent-free and saliva-safe. This also applies to the wooden foods that are often put into the mouth to taste apple, pear, steak and French fries. The natural material feels comfortable and is designed to be suitable for children, so that children's hands can easily grasp the accessories for the play kitchen and the toy shop to cook or fill the shelves in their mini supermarket.

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If there is a toy shop, vegetable cart or a plastic stall for children, then these role-playing toys have a sustainability idea if they are made of recycled plastic or bioplastic. Bioplastics are obtained on the basis of renewable raw materials, e.g. from corn, starch and other organic raw materials. Compared to plastic from crude oil, this modern plastic is recyclable and even compostable. Organic plastic is free from harmful substances such as plasticizers, phthalates, bisphenol A and B as well as PVC, which, by the way, have no place in children's toys or other plastic products. Especially in toys bear appropriate test seals and regulations such the EU Toy Safety Directive and Consumer Product Safety Impact Act (CPSIA), the GS Mark for “Proven Safety”, “spiel gut”, reviews in magazines such as the German Öko Test (Eco test) and Parents Magazine on the safety of children's toys, and give parents guidance in selecting toys shops & Co. The Greenpicks sustainability criteria also provide added value for ecological information.

Toy shops, kitchen set and Co. as a playful preparation for reality

In addition to sustainable quality features, toy shops, kitchen sets and Co. offer learning effects that playfully prepare small chefs, shop assistants, shop owners and marketers for real life. In the children's supermarket with shopping cart a variety of activities occur such as stocking up shelves, serving customers and cashing. If a small takeaway is affiliated to the grocery store, after order in the children's kitchen hot sausages, fries and drinks must be made and served. Through the distribution of roles when playing, the child learns playfully the social interaction with other children as well as situations of everyday life and thereby trains its communication skills and cognitive thinking. Along the way, hand to eye coordination is trained through the playful experience. Also, kitchens and toy shops for children are a good opportunity to introduce them to the different foods. Parents can explain the difference between fruits, vegetables and cereals from local and certified organic farming. Playfully, the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle can be taught. Parents, who prefer occasional consumption of meat, may point out to species-appropriate husbandry. This gives children an early awareness of “real” good food.

Accessories for children's kitchen, toy shop and fruit stand

No toy shop works without checkout, no fruit and vegetable stand without scales and no children's kitchen without pot, cooking spoon and other cooking accessories. There are also a lot of accessories made of wood, bioplastics and textiles, from wooden fruit to the cash register, including play money and wooden scales, to small fruit boxes that represent all kinds of food and other goods in the grocery shop. Small household items such as empty jars, small jam jars, wooden dowels (eg. for fries) can complement the sales counter and the miniature kitchen. With parental creativity, children's imagination is stimulated and shown that not everything has always to be new.
Tip: Take a look at the children's flea market for the tiny issues of the toy shop, kitchen & Co.

Experiences with learning effects: buying, selling, cooking, serving

A market stall, a grocery shop and mobile fruit and vegetable carts are also a great opportunity for parents to teach their children the respectful use of resources. This includes the problem of plastic products polluting the environment. Today, plastic bags are a no-go for shopping. Instead, shopping bags as well as fruit and vegetable bags made of eco cotton are used to store the groceries and everyday items in it. Advantage: They can be used again and again. The same applies to storage boxes in the children's kitchen. Here, parents and other adults have a role model function.

The toy shop offers children a shopping experience as an image of the real world. The same applies to the play kitchen, where your offspring conjures up a 5-course menu for you and the wooden pancakes fly up to the ceiling. Maybe the children's grocery store is just a kiosk because children love sweets and colouring books that they prefer to eat and colour themselves rather than to sell. These role-playing toys will give your kids a whole new gaming experience, along with numerous learning effects. And the assortment of toy shops, market stall, play kitchens & Co. at Greenpicks shows you that the activities of everyday life are reflected in sustainable children's toys.

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