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Cups and mugs in non-toxic quality

Just as with coffee and tea, the seals Fair Trade and organic (bio) say something about sustainability, this also applies in a similar way to cups and mugs. Here, criteria such as "free of pollutants", "durability" and energy-saving and resource-efficient production processes are important aspects for manufacturers who are clearly committed to sustainability. It is also advantageous if cups and mugs can be recycled. By contemporary designers even the one or the other collection cup was rebuilt to an upcycling lamp or hanging light.

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Coffee cup, teacup or mug made of porcelain

For every taste there is not only the right coffee or tea, but also the right coffee cup, teacup, or mug. Typically, cups are made of porcelain. In contrast to glass, it can keep longer the temperature, which is why porcelain cups are mainly used for hot drinks such as organic tea, fair trade coffee, hot chocolate, mulled wine and against a cold a hot lemon. In the French way the milk coffee is drunk from a large coffee cup or milk bowl.

When having hot drinks, cups with handles protect the fingers from high heat. Cups with handles have already been sighted individually but are increasingly appearing with saucer. The design ranges from classic, rustic, modern to elegant. A heat protection sleeve for drinking cups made of bioplastics, bamboo, glass and stainless steel fulfills the same purpose as the handle at the cup with handle.

For milk coffee specialties such as cappuccino, milk coffee, latte macchiato and café latte there are corresponding cups and glasses, which differ in shape and size. While Latte Macchiato is drunk from a tall slender glass, the Italian Espresso is enjoyed from a small cup – solo or in the place setting with cup and the saucer.

Englishmen and East Frisians are known for their tea-time. The aromatic hot drink is consumed in porcelain teacups. Tea cups are filigreed; the porcelain is thinner, so that the flavour can be fully enjoyed while drinking.

Frequently, one looks fill for the intricate crockery, cups and mugs with colourful figures and heroes of the present. So that you can enjoy your cups and mugs for a long time, you should opt for classic shapes and covered plain coloured cups. These fit into almost every living concept. Fashion trends, on the other hand, do not correspond to the sustainable way of life.

Porcelain cups with funny look

Who wants to bring a bit of variety on the table, accesses coffee service with funny character heads. Known from a TV series, the funny cups and bowls look smiling, sad, sometimes mischievous and in love. The cups get character through the various 3D-modeled facial expressions. The porcelain in hotel quality however is simply white.

Sustainable mugs for home, at work and on the road

Mug is not like mug. These drinking vessels, like cups, should also fulfill various functions and meet different requirements. The porcelain mug in the noble design is often found on business occasions. Mugs of glass, porcelain and ceramics are intended for everyday use. Practically, if the hot chocolate can be heated in the microwave and afterwards can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Refillable cups instead of disposable cups

For many years the coffee to go has been enjoying great growing popularity. Unfortunately also the plastic cups, from which many travelers drink it on the way. Alternatives made of bioplastics, glass and stainless steel for the coffee-to-go and other hot drinks are refillable drinking vessels. The sustainable cups are equipped with a lid that prevents the beverage from spilling. With heat-protection cuffs for glass cups and mugs made of bioplastics, one does not scald the fingers while enjoying the coffee-to-go. By using a cup-to-go, you contribute to the prevention of garbage. Thermo mugs made of stainless steel with lid are practical for camping, picnic and barbecue in autumn and winter. This keeps the drinks hot for many hours. And also these cups can be refilled as often as required.

Reusable cups have a better carbon footprint

Although the production of cups made of porcelain, glass and ceramics is more elaborate than plastic and cardboard cups, the drinking vessels are most environmentally friendly. The cup can be used a thousand times, if it does not fall down during the first use and break to pieces. In addition, the carbon footprint of cups and mugs is improved by the more rarely they are washed up. Rinsing with a little water is often completely sufficient. From time to time, the dark rim, which sometimes settles on coffee and tea cups can be effectively removed with baking soda, dissolved in a little water, lemon juice, dentist's tablets or washing soda. Leave in for a short time, rinse, finished!

Green lifestyle, traditional quality and modern design in combination with sustainability: mugs and cups for table culture at the highest ecological level can be found at Greenpicks.

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