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Greenpicks - Eco & Upcycling Market


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Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market

Sustainably online shopping of Upcycling – Eco Design – Green Lifestyle – Eco Fashion – Organic and Fair Trade products

Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market is your global marketplace for ecological, sustainable and fair trade and consumption. Gone are the days when it was difficult to buy sustainable products. Green Lifestyle and environmentally conscious shopping is possible now in (almost) all areas of life. Green alternatives from around the world can be found here bundled. Those looking for environmentally friendly and individual products, will make a find at Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling-Market.

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"Clothes make the man" – Eco fashion and vegan fashion is in vogue

"Clothes make the man", people say. By whom and in what manner clothes are made, is often unknown. Stylish eco fashion made from organic cotton or individual upcycling fashion have long since replaced the former sack and ashes look of old style eco fashion. Green fashion is characterized by a transparent production. From the selection of materials to the manufacturing to the transport routes fashion designer and manufacturers ensure an environmentally friendly and fair production chain. This includes for example fair and social wages in the respective country of production or a low-emission production process without chemicals, heavy metals or toxic colours. Not only the environmentally conscious buyers benefit from this, but also the people who are involved in the production.

Several seals offer certainty about low-pollutant textiles, particularly GOTS and NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST. Natural fibers, organic cotton and fair trade wool are in no way inferior to conventional materials in their quality. These natural materials are also very well tolerated by allergy sufferers. With them as stylish looks and modern cuts are created as with conventional materials. Quality, wearing comfort and durability are usually higher than in the so-called cheap textiles.

Many small and large labels with an ecological, fair and social awareness, for example, offer organic shirts, vegan shoes, organic underwear or compostable sneaker.

With organic fashion you are always dressed stylish and in vogue.

Organic fashion and eco toys for babies and children

Parents always want the best for their children, they say. Eco-friendly, healthy and socially the world should be, in which our children grow up. So how do we bring the young generation in a sustainable world? – Natural fashion and eco fashion are suitable for babies, small children and allergy sufferers. Sensitive skin particularly tolerates natural fibers. The entire production of organic children's fashion and allergy-friendly fashion does without the use of toxic heavy metals, azo dyes and similar dyes for dyeing and printing. For eco baby clothing organic cotton is used mainly. This gives parents medically safe baby and children's clothing. And allergy sufferers can feel comfortable in their skin again.

See – Hear – Smell – Taste – Touch: This is how already Aristotle distinguished the five senses of perception. In this way children conquer their world. To make this urge to explore as pollution-free as possible, eco toy is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toys. Free of harmful plasticizers, there are toys made of bioplastic or recycled materials. And for breaktime snacks and drinks there are lunch boxes, cups and cutlery made of bioplastic.

And for mothers-to-be there are nursing pillows made from organic cotton filled with organic spelt and organic millet as well as organic maternity clothes.

Work-Life-Balance – balm for the soul

For more and more people a conscious and holistic living comes to the fore. The work-life-balance, ie the balance between work and private life, is in addition to healthy eating and sportive activities a basis to live durably in harmony with the environment and yourselve. We can not quite give up all consumption. But we have it in hand, to buy consciously sustainable products – whether organic food, eco-friendly kitchen accessories, natural fashion or organic cosmetics.

Balm for the soul are meditative exercises or yoga. Here especially yoga pillows made from organic cotton and organic linen are asked, filled with 100% certified organic spelt. Bedclothes, neck pillows and lying aids made of organic cotton support your healthy sleep.

Organic wellness might be a soothing bath and body care with natural cosmetic products from certified organic cultivation.

If you attain your inner balance, it is easier to understand the meaning of life. Who recognizes also that less is more, is already on the path of sustainable consumption.

Green Lifestyle – the power of consumers

Environmentally conscious life is not just a trend to "green washing" your conscience. There is much more: a way of life! We consumers have the power to take influence on manufacturing of sustainable products through our environmentally conscious purchasing behaviour. Who once begins to be interested in organic products, will soon discover that there is diversity of green alternatives.

In the field of fashion eco fashion and natural fashion offer a great selection. From cool and trendy to individual upcycling fashion to vegan and chic everything is possible.

Also all other areas of life can be configured sustainably. From upcycling furniture to eco kitchen utensils up to the green office you will find everything you need for eco-friendly home and living.

Whether eco friendly cleaner or organic detergent, bags, fair gifts and natural cosmetics – every product offered on Greenpicks has to meet our criteria of sustainability.

Transparency for consumers thanks to criteria of sustainability

We make it a condition that the products offered on Greenpicks take into account ethical, environmental and social aspects and meet our criteria of sustainability. For each product you will find corresponding information, whether, for example in the production raw materials from organic farming were used or whether the production is done energy and resource efficient, with reduced pollution and saving CO2.

We put just as much emphasis on Fair Trade, that is socially responsible production conditions for the environment and workers, as on organic products from regional production. The latter ensures that jobs remain in the home country or in the region. Many of the products offered here are made by hand, whether made from recycled or upcycled materials, individually or in small series, designed by creative designers and manufactured in sheltered workshops. Of course, many products are also distinguished as sustainable by high durability.

Each company that offers mainly sustainable, ecological or fair trade products (at least 2/3 of the range), may be provider on Greenpicks. Manufacturers and suppliers are encouraged to describe items as detailed as possible. Thus, consumers get the necessary transparency and can be sure to not support greenwashing of individual companies.

Sustainability in shopping

In view of the fact that the threat of the ecological balance of the earth in all areas is increasing sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Although green lifestyle and conscious life are quite popular now – how can sustainability be integrated permanently into your own life?

With the variety of sustainable products, you will find a green alternative to conventional products on Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market. Design, aesthetics and sustainability have long been fused together. More and more manufacturers and distributors orientate towards the increased environmental awareness of consumers. In their eco online shops on Greenpicks sellers from across Europe offer sustainable and organic products. Our brands provide attractive looks, colours and shapes, creative ideas and individual designs.

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