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Sustainable Tableware at Greenpicks

How do you choose sustainable tableware?

No matter whether the first household is being established or you only have a few parts left over from the dearly granny dishes – sometimes it is the point in time when you have to buy crockery. Whether large family, single household or minimalist, it is a good idea to look beyond self-proclaimed green products for sustainable dinnerware. Eco-friendly tableware is recognised by the sustainability criteria of Greenpicks like "durable", energy-efficient or climate-neutral production, non-toxic materials and regional production.

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The place of production also allows to draw sustainable conclusions. If the dinnerware is produced in the region or in the home country, this ensures jobs and ensures short transport distances to the final consumer. For crockery produced abroad, the resource-conserving, energy-efficient production and the climate-neutral transport are criteria for sustainability.

High-quality dishes: timelessly elegant, classic, round or angular

Plates, soup bowls, dessert plates, dessert bowls, glasses and saucers with the appropriate cups, mugs, and bowls of various sizes – this is how usually the average household is equipped. Minimalists and campers, however, need less. Dinner and table service, coffee and tea sets are available in many different shapes, colours and designs. It is a question of personal taste whether you prefer round or angular dishes, cups, and bowls. Or extravagant asymmetrical curved dishes.

Timeless elegant crockery is stylish at any occasion. If you are faithful to your own taste for a long time, you are well advised with classic designed dishes. Because constantly changing fashion trends are fast-moving and not sustainable. Classics are minimalist designed or decorated with delicate patterned ceramics. The top classic is pure white, high-quality crockery made from well-known porcelain and ceramic manufactures, which produce from a sustainable point of view. A bouquet of flowers in spring; a few eco candles and dried petals in summer; self-collected chestnuts and autumn leaves – with a few accessories, the table can always appear in a different light. Atmospheric mood on the well-laid table in winter comes with self-collected pine cones and tealights, which are stuck in hollowed out tangerine shells.

Crockery for the little ones and grown-ups in organic quality

There are special crockery for children. Children's tableware are designed specifically for small children's hands in shape, size and design. Common materials for tableware production are ceramics, porcelain in hotel quality, glass and plastic; in the sustainable style concrete bioplastics. Glassware consists either of glass, which is free of lead and cadmium, or recycled glass. If the dishes are colored or patterned, the colors used are natural, vegetable-based, and therefore harmless.

Manufactures of crockery also have innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, the reroutes waste kiln heat to other processes during production will improve the CO2 balance. Unsold crockery or defective products are passed on to other companies who use it as an aggregate for table tops and countertops. This reduces the consumption of resources for these items. Although the cycle is not completely closed, no new resources are used for these products.

Disposable tableware: recyclable and compostable

There are occasions when disposable tableware is simply practical. Whether children's birthday, barbecue parties or picnic disposable crockery should also be as sustainable as possible, as tableware for everyday life. Plates, cups, and bowls for single use are made of recyclable materials. These include e.g. bamboo and palm leaf. The plant fibres are compostable. Frequently this disposable dish is so robust that it can be rinsed by hand and reused. The production of crockery made of bamboo and palm leaves is both social and fair. Workers are paid fairly and enjoy social rights that are not always self-evident in the country of production.

Durable dinnerware for long-lasting pleasure

At Greenpicks you get sustainable tableware in classic design, with decor or funny motifs for children, as well as individual parts and complete sets. In addition to optical aspects, you should also focus on sustainable aspects. An important prerequisite for the lasting enjoyment of plates, cups & Co is a non-toxic, robust, durable, and versatile usable quality.

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