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Various knives are stored safely and gently in a knife block. Knife blocks are available either with or without a set of knives. The latter is advantageous if you already have enough kitchen knives. In addition, the most important knives are quickly at hand when preparing food without rummaging around in a cutlery drawer.

Sustainable knife blocks are made of wood from ecological and social responsible forestry. One of the most common certification systems for wood is the FSC seal (Forest Stewardship Council). Strict criteria regulate the environmentally friendly and sustainable management of forests and the social conditions under which the wood is produced. The PEFC certification system (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) also certifies wood from sustainable forest management.
It is even more sustainable if the wood for knife blocks is also of regional origin, because this means that transport distances are short and overseas transport is not necessary.

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Knife blocks made of beech, oak, olive wood, walnut wood and bamboo are particularly durable. The natural material becomes particularly interesting through the finishing – coloured wood has an interesting effect, while stained, oiled or lacquered surfaces set rather restrained highlights. Important in connection with the surface treatment is the use of non-toxic and food-safe oils and glazes.
Like the wooden knife block, stainless steel models are also long-lasting and recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Eco-friendly knife blocks have a double sustainability effect. The knife block itself is insensitive and designed not to damage the precious knives and blades. This prolongs the life of the cooking knives.

Types of Knife Blocks

High-quality knives are essential tools in any kitchen, and the way they are stored can affect their longevity and accessibility. Stored in a knife block keep them sharp and well organised. Unlike in a drawer, where blades can come into contact with one another, they are not damaged because the blade is in the slot.

A knife block differs in the way it holds knives and the available space in the kitchen. A diagonal design is the classic choice, as it offers the handles at a comfortable angle for easy removal and to glide in knives easily. Vertical slots offer a more natural motion when removing knives than horizontal slots.

Classic Knife Blocks made from sustainable Wood

Classic knife blocks have individual sheathes that accommodate knives of different sizes. Some models also have a pocket for a knife sharpener or scissors. Depending on the number of slots, the wooden knife blocks can hold 5 to 9 knives. They usually sit on the worktop. To protect the worktop, wooden knife blocks with slots are equipped with felt glides or rubber studs. In addition, this also provides non-slip safety and stability. If you will feel certain for an environmentally friendly design, take note of whether a block is fully made from wood of sustainable forest management.

Safe Storage Option for Knives – Magnets meet Wood

A magnetic knife block offers a broad view of the available knife collection. On a wooden knife block with integrated magnets, the cutting tools stick to any place. Magnetic Knife Blocks are similar in shape to upright knife blocks and are meant to go on the worktop. The knives are held in place to the exterior of the block by powerful magnets.

The design ranges from rustic to timelessly classic to modern, so that a decorative knife block with a magnetic surface is available for every kitchen interior. While the magnetic knife block is often placed on the worktop, the magnetic knife strip is designed for wall mounting. These are ideal if the worktop space is limited. Those with both limited counter and drawer space would be well-served by this style of knife storage. The magnetic knife strip holds many different-sized knives both handy and in top condition. A magnetic knife strip is one of the safest and least expensive options for storing different-sized knives. It’s an effective way to keep cooking knives both handy and in top condition.

Flexible Storage for Knives

A sustainable innovation is the knife block with flex rods. The sturdy containers come in square and round shapes and are made of durable materials such as wood or stainless steel. They have a blade-protecting insert consisting of hundreds of wooden rods that can conform to the shape of the cooking knives and hold them in place. Practical: the flexible placement and the removable rods for easy cleaning. Like the knife block with slots, the upright knife block with rods finds its regular place on the kitchen worktop. Both versions are ecologically correct if they are made of sustainable materials that can help to prolong the life of the blades and the block.

Protects Knives and the Environment

A sustainable knife block contributes to the cooking success. Whether chef knife, utility knife, bread knife, carving knife or paring knife – a knife block or magnetic knife strip is as well decorative as functional. It keeps the blades safe and sharp and allows for easy access to the tools. With the help of the specific product features and sustainability criteria at Greenpicks you will soon find out which of the sustainably produced knife blocks is the best for your kitchen.

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