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Eco-sensitive jugs for cold and hot drinks in sustainable quality

For every drink there is the matching jug. Apart from form, design and decoration, environmentally conscious households also appreciate the sustainable quality of jugs. The materials used should be free from heavy metals, lead, cadmium, and other toxins; recognizable by the sustainability criterion "reduction of pollutant". The unwanted particles could dissolve and mix with the liquids, especially with very hot beverages such as coffee, tea and mulled wine.

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Durable pots made of porcelain and glass

High quality pots and jugs are therefore usually made of porcelain or glass. If it does not break, a glass jug is very durable despite everyday use. And can be recycled at the end of its lifetime. So that new consumer goods can be produced from the waste glass. Porcelain pots in hotel quality are regarded as unbreakable and robust; however, they are not indestructible. Nevertheless, you will enjoy a coffee pot made of porcelain for a long time and with good care it can be bequeathed.

Pots and jars made of porcelain and glass are heat resistant. For a coffee break, a freshly brewed coffee or hot cocoa in a porcelain dish looks elegant on the laid table. Serve some delicacy arranged invitingly on an étagère – and the coffee table is done! Porcelain pots are often integrated in the coffee set; but can also be purchased as individual pieces.

Glass jugs and pots make tea particularly attractive. Whether Rooibos Tea, Green or Black Tea – the transparent material shows the wonderful colours of the delicious hot drink. Glass pots of leadless glass are available in many sizes, for 2 to 10 cups, with tea strainer made of glass or stainless steel.

For daily life with children: juice jugs made of bioplastics

In daily life, especially with children, a can or a jug made of bioplastics is practical. With lid jugs protect homemade lemonade in the summer against wasps and other thirsty animals. Perfect are juice jugs that fit into the refrigerator. Vacuum flasks hold tea, cocoa and coffee hot during a wintery trip.

Environmentally friendly coffee brewing and stylish water carafes

A festively laid table looks much better with a suitable pot for tea or coffee on a warmer. Instead of making coffee in an environmental pollutive capsule machine, you prefer to use the French coffee press. In the coffee maker, place the coffee grinder directly into the glass jug, pour it with boiling water and, after a short steeping time, press down the strainer made of stainless steel. The ground coffee is thus held on the bottom. In this way, the relish of coffee is cheaper and more environmentally friendly. And you always have the choice of which Fair Trade coffee you prefer. Serve water from a stylish water carafe. For the home-baked cake, we offer serving plates, also made of harmless porcelain or glass.

Whichever model you are looking for, you will find only juice jugs, glass jugs, tea and coffee pots as well as jars and cans in harmless quality at the eco online shops at Greenpicks. Stay fussy when drinks are to be served or stored!

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