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Organic food contains more nutrients and less toxin

People who buy organic food and cook with it do so in the expectation that it will be healthier than conventional food. Nowadays, the variety and choice of organic foods are enormous. As the saying goes, you eat with your eyes, but undesirable, unnecessary and harmful ingredients in food cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Well-known organic labels such as Bioland, Demeter and Naturland, the German organic label and the EU organic label can help. They provide information on the different farming standards and quality criteria in Germany and Europe.

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Organic quality for every meal

Cereals, vegetables, fruit, tea, coffee and other raw materials from organic farming are grown and processed without the use of genetic engineering or synthetic chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Animals are kept according to the standards of organic animal husbandry. The animals are kept in appropriate conditions with sufficient space and exercise. The feed is free from genetically modified plants or feed additives made from genetically modified micro-organisms. Organic meat products are marketed as locally as possible. This spares the animals long journeys and protects the environment.

Organic, vegan, vegetarian and animal-based foods contain significantly fewer harmful substances and more nutrients than conventional foods. Overall, organic food is healthier, more nutritious and particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Sustainable fair and conscious eating

Organic food is popular not only because of its health benefits. Consumers' environmental awareness plays an equally important role. Eco-conscious people want to know where their food comes from and whether its production is good for the planet. Non-toxic food is important, but it is the bigger picture of sustainability that counts: farming that takes animal welfare and environmental protection seriously, and production that uses resources and energy efficiently. People who pay attention to what they eat today are doing themselves a favour and acting in the interests of the entire biological cycle, including future generations.

Whatever comes to the table is eaten was a German saying in previous times. In the past, the choice of food was limited, but today people make conscious choices. They eat what gives them comfort, and transparency. The trend is towards organic food, which is certified organic and free from harmful substances. Whether delicious spreads, naturally sweet treats, savoury sausages, fresh meat, aromatic cheeses, dairy products, wholegrain rice, al dente pasta or exotic spices, organic labels promise purity and quality. You are what you eat, or in other words: cooking and enjoying organic products is a pleasure for body, mind, and soul. Why deprive ourselves and future generations of this natural diversity?

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