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Organic foods have less pollutants and more nutrients

Who buys organic food products and prepares his food with them, also purchases them in the expectation that organic products are healthier than conventional foods. Today, the variety and range of organic food is great. Eat with your eyes, as the saying goes, but undesirable, unnecessary and harmful ingredients in food are just not visible to the naked eye.

Known organic seals as those by Bioland, Demeter and Naturland, the German organic seal and the EU organic label do help here. They inform in Germany and Europe about the different farming guidelines and quality criteria.

Organic foods are healthy

Cereals, vegetables, fruit, tea, coffee and other raw materials from organic farming are grown and processed without resorting to genetic engineering and synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The animal breeding is done by the standards of certified organic livestock farming. Species-appropriate animal husbandry provides the animals enough room and movement abilities in the fresh air. The feed comes from the farm or other organic farms. The food is free of genetically modified plants or feed additives derived from genetically modified microorganisms. The organic products from meat production are to be marketed as regionally as possible. This protects the animals from long transport routes and saves the environment at the same time.

Thus, vegan, vegetarian and organic animal products contain significantly less pollutants and more nutrients than conventional food. All in all, organic food is healthier, more nutritious and ideal for allergy sensitive people.

Eating with ecological consciousness

Besides their own health consumers buy organic food out of an ecological consciousness. The eco-conscious consumer wants to know the origin of the food. Even if the products are low-emission, sustainability, animal and environmentally friendly agriculture and resource- and energy-efficient production are important criteria for the conscious consumer. For doing good to yourself also means to think about future generations and act in an environmentally friendly and consequently sustainable way in this entire biological cycle.

You'll eat what you're given, was it at grandma's times. But stay picky. Do only eat of which you know what's inside. Do only eat what feeds you well and healthy and tastes well. Whether spreads, sweets, sausages, meat, cheese, dairy products, rice, pasta, spices etc. – choose low-emission organic foods from organic farming. You are what you eat or: Enjoyment and cooking with organic foods are fun. Because food keeps body, mind and soul together. For whatever reason should we deny this to us and future generations, as nature has so much to offer to us?

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