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Should I let my dog sleep in my bed together with me? – This question remains an issue of heated debates among dog owners. Passionate pooch owners are divided on this issue, and feelings run deep. Some swear by their pets, and there are those who just find it unhygienic and dangerous to health. Dogs are social pack animals and love to be around people. If you do laundry, clean the dog's paws and coat and visit a vet regularly, it is completely harmless if the four-legged friend sleeps in the bed of mistress and master. However, if the dog is bossy and tries to occupy the entire bed, it is time for its own dog bed. This is welcome in the bedroom and should therefore be made of ecological materials. Thus, the indoor climate is still free of pollutants.

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Safe heaven for dogs

The model and type should be based on the needs and size of the dog. The sleeping places for four-legged friends are available as orthopedic dog beds, outdoor dog beds and dog beds for cars or dog kennels. Dog-friendly beds do not have a raised edge that has to be overcome. Either the dog bed is a mattress-like surface that is filled with certified foam flakes. Or it is a bolster bed with a U-shaped padded bolster. Blankets, baskets and sofas can also be a comfortable place for the dog to sleep.

Organic dog beds

Organic dog beds combine practical and sustainable properties for an ecological added value. Hard-wearing materials based on recycled fabrics or canvas made of organic cotton, sustainable production and fair working conditions in cooperation with a sheltered workshop characterise sustainable dog beds.
If you want to prevent your four-legged friend from coming into contact with pollutants, you should look out for the GOTS seal, Confidence in Textiles STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and the green button on dog beds. Here, for example, sturdy canvas comes from organic farming, i.e. cotton that was grown without pesticides. Other eco-materials were tested for harmful substances before processing. And since the dog sleeping place is usually in the living room or bedroom, mistress and master also benefit from organic dog beds. They do not emit any harmful substances into the room air via vapours.

Hard-wearing beds for any dog breed

Sustainable dog beds are characterised by easy-to-clean upholstery that can be vacuumed. The cover is removable and if it is very dirty it can be washed in the washing machine. If the bolster is worn out or if it no longer matches the rest of the interior, it can be easily replaced without the need for a new padding. This is also sustainable because it extends the utilisation period of the dog bed and thus conserves resources.

For dogs with joint pain, orthopedic dog beds offer particular comfort. They relieve pressure and adapt to the body shape of the dog. But healthy dogs also benefit from the orthopedic dog bed, as thanks to the construction they can easily enter and leave the lying surface.

Discover organic dog beds at Greenpicks – the online marketplace for sustainable lifestyles. These are not only functional, but look good and convince with ecological properties. For a short nap an organic dog pillow might also will do it.

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