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Skirts at Greenpicks

Skirts: versatile models in organic quality

Not only in rock and roll the skirt is an expressive piece of clothing. In addition to a dress the skirt skillfully highlights the female figure through various fittings, materials and colours.

Beside eco-friendly fashion creative designers present the ongoing trend of upcycling fashion. So, from worn garments fantastic new models arise, such as mini-skirt, maxi skirt, pleated skirt, flared skirt, tulip skirt, tiered skirt, and culottes. In classic natural fashion and eco fashion, however, the providers use materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and linen from certified organic cultivation. During processing skirts are dyed with natural colors. Produced under fair and social conditions skirts also mean that suppliers commit to transparent ways of production and fair wages to pay the producers. Therefore, many of our suppliers are already taged with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) textile seal.

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Eco-friendly Skirts and upcycled Skirts

Although the pants, especially the eco jeans, since many decades has been a popular item of clothing for women, there is still a wide variety of fair and socially produced skirts. Whether short or long, plain-coloured, multi-coloured or patterned – in the selection of skirts, is it crucial for the environmentally conscious women that materials are environmentally friendly and socially responsible produced. Using non-toxic materials and excellent workmanship ecosensitive skirts represent longevity and a comfortable fit.

From GOTS certified organic cotton skirts are tailored for leisure, office and for special occasions. Compared to conventional cotton when cultivating organic cotton it is dispensed entirely with the use of pesticides. Organic cotton is grown in rotation with other plant species, so the soil fertility is maintained. Chemical defoliants to assist harvest are not used; the organic cotton is harvested simply by hand. Of course, there are skirts from other natural and organic materials such as organic virgin wool, cashmere, organic linen, organic hemp, silk, and pure merino wool. Here materials derived from animals come from farm animal welfare and housing.

Women’s skirts at Greenpicks – green fashion in many variations

Whether street wear skirts, knee-length or floor-length skirts, whether elegant, classic or sporty skirts, women find organic skirts at Greenpicks for every occasion. The eco-friendly skirts provide high comfort and high-quality workmanship and quality.

Who wants to emphasise its unique style, finds an extraordinary skirt with designers who offer upcycling skirts in the sense of the word "unique". It may happen that a skirt in previous life has been a blazer or a jacket.

Skirts can be easily combined with organic shirts and blouses, as well as various types of footwear and vegan shoes. Women like varied fashion: with a few individual pieces many outfits can be conjured.

And for those who grab quickly and decisively might catch one of the unique in demand in the field of upcycling fashion.

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