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Bathrobes at Greenpicks

Basics of men's underwear: bathrobes for men

A relaxed start into the day is crucial for the rest of the day. In a good mood the daily duties are easily mastered. An early morning shower has an invigorating effect. For drying men either choose a towel or wrap themselves in a cuddly bathrobe for men. But the dressing gown is not only good in the morning, even on vacation, on the beach, in the spa and on trips bathrobes give the men a feeling of home. Even though bathrobes can be borrowed in hotels, your own bathrobe embodies comfort that you also associate with your own home.

Men's bathrobes made of skin-friendly natural fibres

Decisive for the feel-good factor are the skin-friendly fabrics. Selected natural fibres such as organic cotton, bamboo and hemp from certified organic farming ensure that no pesticides or fertilizers are used.

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The use of genetic engineering, ie genetically modified seeds, is also prohibited. Far-reaching textile seals, such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or the IVN label assure that the entire production chain – from cultivating crops through transporting to selling the finished garment – is controlled. At the same time, working conditions and social standards are scrutinised. Fair produced goods mark the Fairtrade seal. Common to all natural materials, they are particularly breathable, feel comfortable on the skin and are still very hard-wearing. So a terry cloth bathrobe for men can be sewn on the basis of organic cotton, hemp or bamboo. These fabrics absorb water easily and release it easily, making them perfect for swimming-pool, sauna and beach.

Men’s terry bathrobes are still very popular. The natural fibre is particularly soft and absorbent. In addition, terry cloth is skin-friendly, easy-care and washable at 60 to 90 degrees Celsius. An alternative are men’s bathrobes made of silk, which are primarily to be found as a dressing gown. Because the light coats you wear rather on the way from the bed to the bathroom or at the Sunday breakfast with the family.

Kimono, men’s bathrobe with hood, dressing gown – what suits you?

The most famous relative of the bathrobe is the kimono. Wide sleeves offer extra freedom of movement. Like the classic men's bathrobe, the kimono is tied with a fabric belt at waist height. Whether with or without a hood, is a matter of personal taste. A hooded bathrobe has the advantage that you do not necessarily need an extra towel to dry your hair. After a sauna session, the hood also protects the head and neck from the cold draft. Models with a wide shawl collar serve a similar purpose.

Side pockets or large patch pockets provide plenty of space for the most important items such as glasses and handkerchief. Hood, tie belt and patch pockets are often designed in contrast to the rest of the bathrobe and give the men's bathrobe that certain something. All sizes from XS to XL to XXXL are also represented, such as lengths from knee-length to calf-length, from normal length to extra short.

Alternatives to the men's bathrobe

Other cuddly relatives of the men's bathrobes are: sauna kilt, sauna coat, bathing poncho, XXL towel with sleeves and dressing gown. Also, this feel-good underwear for men is offered at Greenpicks in ecological quality. Dear Gentlemen, with the tempting prospect after waking up to snuggle down in a cuddly bathrobe or in a comfortable dressing gown, the positive start of the day is easier. So you can take the pleasant warmth of the bed a bit far into the day. Ordered online at greenpicks.de/en, bathrobes and sauna kilts will be your cuddly companions in just a few days.

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