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Sustainable Necklaces for Women

Necklaces for women are attractive eye-catchers in the décolleté and visually enhance every outfit. The different lengths, shapes and materials always create a different effect. Sustainable necklaces made from ecologically sourced materials emphasise the feminine sense for green lifestyle trends.

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Which materials for women's necklaces are sustainable?

Sustainable necklaces are made from environmentally friendly materials such as recycled precious metals and natural raw materials. There are now many jewellery labels that produce bracelets, earrings and necklaces under environmentally friendly and humane conditions. Certificates such as the Fair Trade seal underline the environmentally friendly extraction of raw materials and their processing with attractive salary. This also excludes child labour in the precious metal mines and in diamond mining. Ecologically mined gold is extracted without the use of harmful chemicals. The raw materials obtained from recycled gold chains and silver coins can also be processed into new pieces of jewellery.

As the name suggests, stainless steel is resistant and looks classy. Womens' stainless steel necklaces fit any outfit and are made for everyday wear without the material wearing out. Good to know for allergy sufferers: Stainless steel is well tolerated by the skin.

Neck jewellery for environmentally conscious trendsetters

Natural jewellery relies on renewable raw materials. Long necklaces in boho or ethnic style, necklaces with semiprecious stones or real statement necklaces are made for trendsetters who are committed to environmental protection and fairness and want to show it. All designs are handmade and made from natural materials. Some are combined with detailed pendants and seed pods or adorned with sparkling semi-precious stones. Designed in the same style, the necklaces for women can be perfectly paired with bracelets and earrings.

Both the elegant simple necklaces for women and the exciting designs inspire with filigree details. The bright colours of the artfully cut gemstones are particularly eye-catching. Drop-shaped, heart-shaped, octagonal cut – these shapes transform the delicate necklaces into expressive pieces of jewellery, both as individual pendants and in combination with other natural elements.

Women Necklaces as an eco-friendly Gift Idea

Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day or wedding anniversaries are special occasions to present your girlfriend, partner or wife a necklace. Meaningful ethnic symbols, nature-related pendants or delicate hearts perfectly reflect the personal connection to the favourite person. Engravable pendants and dog tags, on the other hand, invite you to personalize the necklaces for women with messages consisting of symbols, letters or a date.

Which necklace for which outfit?

The perfect interplay of clothing style and necklace skilfully draws attention to the décolleté. The rule of thumb is that the unpretentious the outerwear, the more eye-catching the necklace can be. This is because it is an eye-catcher that draws attention to the lasting piece of jewellery. Classic silver and gold necklaces go well with office clothing. But discreet leather and wooden necklaces also emphasize the natural character. And they can be paired with a blouse or a T-shirt in your spare time.

For a party, it can be a bit more and, above all, more fancy. Here, statement necklaces are the trendy pieces of jewellery. But it's not just the necklace that is the focus here; fair trade jewellery also shows appreciation for people and nature. Eco-conscious statement necklaces are designed from sustainable or recycled materials, e.g. gold, silver, wood, metal, organic leather, fabric and recycled plastic. The jewellery is made under fair working conditions, which also excludes child labour. Such a statement on sustainable necklaces is strikingly clear.

Eco-conscious Necklaces for Women at Greenpicks

Sustainable necklaces for women do not only flatter the female face, but also the environment. Show your individual sense of style for eco-friendly necklaces.

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