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Eco-friendly Towels and bath towels made of natural fibres

Towels & bath towels are indispensable home textiles. They accompany us in different ways through our lives in the bathroom, swimming pool, beach, sauna and sport. The towel appears as bath towel, beach towel, shower towel, guest towel and children's towel, which apart from design above all differ in size. All types of towels have in common organic quality made from starting materials like cotton, hemp and bamboo from certified organic cultivation. Organic cotton towels are classics, because the material is durable, absorbent and easy to care.

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The bath towel – your personal dryer

A bath towel is needed after a quick wash, a refreshing shower or a relaxing bath to soak gently the skin. Therewith the drying process is also free from harmful substances, terry cloths from organic cotton are recommended. From cultivation to the finished towel it is without any harmful substances. Neither pesticides nor chemical plant protection fertilizers are used nor are the bath towels dyed with toxic colours.

With a standard size of 70 x 140 cm, bath towels are somewhat smaller than sauna towels and beach towels, but they are sufficient to dry off after showering. They should be absorbent, durable and wear-resistant, as can be seen in the dry weight per square meter. As a rule, a bath towel has 400 g/sqm, the more, the heavier. With 600 g/sqm and more, they are also suitable for the bath and especially for the wellness area or as a cushion for the lounger at the pool. The size of 100 x 180 cm is particularly comfortable for spa and beach chairs. However, the most important quality features should always be the natural materials and the absorbency.

Short break in the sauna towel made from organic cotton terry

Especially in winter a visit in a spa is like a holiday. The heat in the steam bath ensures relaxation, stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. But also when summer temperatures prevail outside, the sauna is a very popular resort. For a short break after the end of the work day or at the weekend it is not much more needed than bathing shoes and a sauna towel. To protect the skin from the hot wooden bench and to protect the wooden bench against dripping sweat, a sauna towel should be at least 80 x 180 cm in size. XXL sizes with a length of 2 m and a width of 1.55 m are especially comfortable to put your feet up without touching the seat and lying surface in the sauna. Or to wrap yourself completely in it if you feel uncomfortable unclothed.

As the sauna towel is very close to the body like any other towel, natural materials such as organic cotton are appropriate. The GOTS seal shows that the cotton is free of pollutants. Roughly speaking, the heavier a sauna towel is, the more absorbent it is.

Choose an unique design to recognise your sauna towel in the wellness oasis. Or opt for a towel set in organic quality that matches the colour of the bathroom. Towels in a set often include classic towels 70 x 100 cm, a bath towel and washcloths. These sets are extendable with sauna towel, beach towel and guest towel in matching colours and designs.

Versatile: the beach towel made of organic cotton for holidays and leisure

Of course, a sauna towel can also be used at the beach or in the swimming pool. But mostly smaller and shorter bath towels are preferred. Because beach towels are about 80 x 180 cm, a practical size to spread out on the lounger or on a mat. A good terrycloth combines sustainable properties like natural materials – organic cotton, hemp, bamboo – and non-toxic dyes. Even with harmless dyeing you can design beach towels, which are plain or colourful and have beautiful motifs that remind you of holiday, leisure, fun and relaxation.

Weave and density of weave of the fabric provide information about how absorbent the beach towel is. 600 g/sqm are of heavy and noble quality, 400 g/sqm are plain and simple. Ultimately, the personal preference decides which terry cloth is taken along to the beach or the lake. Made of natural fibres, beach towels can be found in all kinds of qualities.

Baby towels, children's towels and hooded towels for bathing beauty and little water lovers

Whether water lovers, captain in the bathtub or water-shy – towels for babies and children should be skin-friendly. You can rely on this when you draw on natural materials. OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, also known as Textile Trust (Textiles Vertrauen), certifies that towels have been tested for specific pollutants. The GOTS seal is further reaching. Biologically produced natural fibres such as cotton, bamboo, hemp are from cultivation to manufacture and ready-to-use home textiles to trade and distribution on certified organic basis. In addition, social minimum criteria must be met on the basis of the core standards of the International Labor Organization.

Baby towels and children's towels are available in bright colours and with child-friendly prints. Even water-shy children can be convinced to a bath, to be subsequently wrapped in their favourite towel. The natural materials provide a pleasant feeling on the skin and the funny motifs distract from the sometimes annoying washing process. Children's and baby's towels are often available with matching washcloths from organic cotton.

Practical and especially cuddly for the little bathing belle are hooded towels. After a bath wrapped in it, the hood protects the sensitive head from air draught. In addition, hooded towels give special care to babies and toddlers. For these baby towels preference is also given to the use of carefree and absorbent organic cotton. The cheerful colors are achieved through environmentally-friendly dyeing techniques.

Mini towels for guests

The minis among the towels are guest towels with a measure of 30 x 50 cm or 30 x 30 cm. Plain-coloured and in many multi-coloured arranged stacked, they are beautiful splash of colours in the smallest guest toilet. Here every guest can feel comfortable and help himself. Made of organic cotton, guests can use the little towels as a towel for the face or for baby care.

For sensitive skin – Terry cloth towels

From cotton to terrycloth to bamboo and hemp: skin-friendly fabrics are not only pleasant to wear, but also ensure that the towels and bath towels from organic cotton, terrycloth and other weaves are reliably absorbing moisture.

Designs and colours leave nothing to be desired. Hand towel, bath towel, beach towel, sauna towel and children's towel are available in every conceivable colour and pattern through to classic white models. Stylish and vibrant colours such as red, blue and green are dash of colours in the bathroom.

Tip: Dryers and fabric softeners are overestimated. A few splashes of vinegar have the same effect and are also environmentally friendly and resource-conserving. Moreover this saves electricity and investment costs for dryers and fabric softeners. That modernity in organic quality enriches the bathroom and beach holiday as well as it spoils the skin, show towels and bath towels and other home textiles at Greenpicks. Discover the skin-friendly collection of children's towels, bath towels, beach towels and sauna towels in high-quality, which have long-lasting properties and score with natural designs.

That modernity in organic quality enriches the bathroom and beach holiday as well as it spoils the skin, show towels and bath towels and other home textiles at Greenpicks. Discover the skin-friendly collection of children's towels, bath towels, beach towels and sauna towels in high-quality, which have long-lasting properties and score with natural designs.

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