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Crafting & Painting at Greenpicks

Eco craft supplies and painting accessories for creative children

Crafts and painting inspire very young children as soon as they discover what they can do with their hands and other tools. As skills increase, children grow with their challenges. Craft supplies, organic kneaded eraser, painting accessories, drawing supplies, cardboard and paper, beads, wood, colouring books, playhouses, child-friendly tools and much more offer children plenty possibilities of development. Eco craft supplies are supplemented by natural materials that children can discover during a family trip in the woods, on the beach, somewhere in nature: chestnuts, acorns, autumn leaves, small wooden sticks, shells, stones, etc.

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But it is also possible to make imaginative objects for playing out of supposed trash, a kind of "upcycling crafting". For example, collages can be made from all kinds of items, such as paper, yarn, fabric, stamps, magazine cuttings, bast, labels, lids, matches, corks, natural materials (tree bark, leaves, eggshells, shells, seeds, branches, etc.). Especially teenagers like to choose this artistic expression that is applied to paper, cardboard or cloth.

Scribbling, painting, drawing ... eco painting accessories for children

Usually the youngest ones start their career with painting. Initially, the fingers serve as a brush. A little more awkwardly they steep in a little pot with finger paint and create modern paintings on paper, cardboard, wood and windowpane. Made of natural, renewable raw materials, the organic finger paints are ecologically and harmless to health. First brush strokes and painting exercises can be done with wax crayons, crayons and pencils on the back of already printed paper. So children learn from the beginning to use existing or recycled resources.

Alternative to scrap paper is eco paper such as clay paper and recycled paper, which is often certified by the Blue Angel seal. Little street artists are thrilled with chalk and will perpetuate their artworks on the sidewalk in front of the apartment; at least until the rain washes it away.

In addition, a colouring book with very large motifs for colouring is a good incentive and promotes concentration and eye-hand coordination. Alternatively, you can find colouring pictures in the Internet and print them out. To ensure that the children's artistic career is as low-emission as possible right from the start, there are ecological painting accessories. Colourful biodegradable crayons are made of FSC certified wood and are free of harmful substances. Thus, beginners of painting can scribble with it unhesitating and thereby train their dexterity.

Ecological materials for crafting and painting for children

No one is born as a master, means a saying. This requires the promotion of basic skills, which includes dexterity, creativity, trial and error, concentration and gross and fine motor skills. But crafting and painting are beautiful pastimes to promote children and to train playfully. Whether on a rainy afternoon, a cold winter's day or outside – crafting is a companionable affair for the whole family. Whether free-style crafts or on-topic crafts as a gift for grandma and grandfather, birthday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas – there are no limits to creativity. Improvisation skills are just as helpful as a basic set of crafting accessories. If you are working with children, the crafting material should be age-appropriate. Small tools such as rounded scissors and blunt knives reduce the risk of injury. Tools like scissors, cutting ruler and cutting mat, cords and glue facilitate doing crafts and are available in environmentally friendly designs. For example, decorative cords are made from renewable raw materials, such as cotton, flax or sisal. Cords made of recycled yarn and twine is also sustainable. Adhesives and sticky tapes without solvents and chlorine are harmless to health and environmentally friendly.

At kindergarten age paper, cardboard, felt, stamps and glue sticks are just as well suited for doing crafts as natural materials. Girls and boys proudly present modern works of art to their parents and grandparents. Many products at Greenpicks are suitable to let the children design independently. Kneading, shaping, cutting, rolling – a classic game is modelling clay with which children express their imagination. Organic kneaded eraser is made from food-safe ingredients and also suitable for allergy sufferers, as it is often lactose- and gluten-free. Even small building blocks made of corn starch are not possible to imagine without using in the children's rooms. Endless possibilities are offered by the natural, deformable mass in different, cheerful colours. Playfully, the child trains the development of motor skills, colour recognition and perception of forms, which are important prerequisites for the further life in school, at work and in everyday life.

Set for doing crafts: creative idea made of recycled cardboard

Whether it is raining, snowing or the sun is shining – doing crafts is a great pastime with learning effects. Even toddlers discover their creative skills. By trial and error they playfully increase their frustration tolerance and, after finishing they are delighted all the more with their self-created work of art. A set for doing arts helps the little ones to develop their skills while having fun during the game. The creative ideas come as a dollhouse, playhouse, rocket or as dinosaurs in the nursery. By means of plug-in system, the craft kits are assembled. Here, skill and concentration are required. After the individual parts have been put together, children can paint, glue and decorate the buildings as they wish. A set for doing crafts for children is also very popular with parents, not only because the little ones are meaningfully busy, but because they are made of recycled cardboard. If eco-friendly craft kits are delivered with crayons, of course these are without toxic pollutants. On top of that, sets for crafting and painting promote socializing in the family on shared afternoons. And some adults even develop a passion for the continuing DIY trend (do it yourself), whose enthusiasm is a proven remedy for stress and can even be a lucrative sideline.

Ecological painting accessories and craft supplies educate the child's awareness of sustainability

Doing crafts and painting are great opportunities for children to try out, discover new things and process experiences. While craft accessories and painting supplies in ecological quality give variety and fun, children train their gross and fine motor skills, their ability to concentrate, their dexterity and grow naturally with environmentally friendly materials. As a rule, the childish awareness of ecological painting accessories and craft supplies is sharpened so far as of the primary school age that in school subjects like textile design, drawing and painting and handicrafts they would like to draw on it. Greenpicks offers crafting supplies, art supplies and painting accessories for first creative attempts of little artists made of environmentally friendly materials and sustainable production.

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