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Eco-friendly jeans for men

The men's jeans has been one of the most popular garments for over a century. As God Father of jeans obtains Levi Strauss, a German immigrant who immigrated in the USA in the mid-19th century, when he produced sturdy cotton pants from material of tents; former called pantalon. The etymology by the word “jeans” originate from gênes; the name of the Genoese sailor pants. As a shortcut, the word "denim" derived from Serge de Nimes, a fabric produced in the French town Nimes at about 1600.

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Men’s jeans: fashionable all-rounder for leisure and job

Men's jeans are nowadays just as popular in leisure time as in different occupational groups: whether as an employee in the office or as a craftsman. The comfortable and sturdy denim pants are available in many different versions from the drainpipe jeans to a bootcut version up to sporty jeans with stretch and cargo pants. On warmer days, some men prefer chinos similar to jeans and on colder days corduroy trousers in 5-pocket style. In the men's fashion you can not think without jeans for men, because the pants made of sturdy cotton fabric are genuine all-rounder and are suited to almost any outfit. You can just combine them as well with shirt and jacket as with T-shirt and sweater.

Organic jeans for men made of sustainable materials

Sustainably produced jeans are the perfect alternative to jeans that are manufactured in a conventional manner. Organic Jeans meet the strict ecological criteria in terms of nature conservation, sustainability and fairness. Only pollution-free raw materials are processed. Jeans for men from organic cotton are very skin friendly because no harmful substances are used in the cultivation and processing. Environment and people who are involved in the production of the trousers are equally protected. And although the process for dyeing and to achieve the used look and vintage look is without harmful substances the eco jeans sustain comparison in terms of quality, trend and comfort. For the purchase decision of fashion-conscious men the love of nature, fairness and the feel-good factor play a decisive role in the choice of an organic jeans.

For each type of men and for each figure, the online stores at Greenpicks offer many different designs for the personal favourite outfit. Elegant and combined with shirt, coat and tie eco jeans look good in dark tones. A casual look is created by bright and colourful models combined with T-shirt and sneakers. Convince yourself of the range and organic quality at Greenpicks, and get inspired for your favourite personal look.

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