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Men’s Jackets and Coats made of Natural Fibers

In former times it was fashionable to have tailored jacket and trousers of the same fabric. Nowadays, jackets, coats and pants are made from natural fibers such as organic cotton and organic linen and thus have an identical origin.

Jackets and coats for men are available in various designs, colours, styles, sizes and lengths. The range of classic leather jackets made from organic leather, sporting denim jackets of organic cotton, through to functional jackets as fleece jackets, softshell jackets and windbreaker and men's jackets make men's hearts leap for joy.

Men’s jackets and coats in organic quality

Meanwhile also in the field of men's jackets a lot of great eco fashion is to be found. Jackets for men in organic quality are characterized by the fact that they are made from raw materials from certified organic farming or controlled biological animal husbandry. The materials thus obtained as organic cotton, organic leather and organic wool can compete in terms of quality and comfort very well with conventional materials. Designers and manufacturers of men's eco fashion undertake in the production of natural fashion to have a transparent production chain and to a reasonable payment of employees. Chemicals and heavy metals are reduced or not used at all. Providers, taking into account these criteria, often have seals of textile like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Naturtextil IVN certified BEST and Fair Wear Foundation.

In spring and autumn casual hooded jackets (hoodies) or groovy between-seasons jackets are popular with men. Outdoor jackets, warm men's jackets or a jacket instead of a coat made from organic wool protect the man of the world in winter. Combined with a trendy beanie, a hat or a scarf gives your clothing style a personal touch.

Men’s waistcoasts – perfect for every outfit

When temperatures are still above freezing, the fashion conscious man likes to take hold a waistcoat. The men's waistcoat will be worn as a fashion basic to shirt, longsleeve or sweater and pleasantly warms the chest and back.

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