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Organic Men's Socks for each Outfit

Choosing the right men's socks is occasionally still put in second place by men. But the right men's socks give each outfit the finishing touch. Depending on the occasion you select your favourite stockings from the material, fit and functionality. They must also be robust and durable for a long time and also look good.

With a suit black or gray men’s stockings are worn preferentially. Footlets or socks are ideal for casual wear. For sporty men socks with high absorbency and reinforced toe and heel fit best.

Men's socks and stockings made from natural fibres

In addition to creative and classic designs manufacturers of organic men's stockings pay attention particularly on the material. Like all eco fashion items gentlemen stockings are made from raw materials from organic farming. Based on the labels Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST and Oecotex standard 100 consumers recognize the use of organic cotton. Depending on the textile label manufacturers must ensure transparent ways of production and uniform wages for employees. The use of chemicals is wholly or largely avoided.

Also, men's socks and knee socks made of alpaca, bamboo, organic virgin wool or organic linen are free from any toxics and harmful substances and therefore also very popular for allergy sufferers. Humans and nature are not burden during the production process or when wearing the finished product.

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Stockings and socks for men: Accessories with feel good character

The feet are among the most burdened parts of the body and should therefore put in high quality men socks with excellent comfort. That is why stockings and socks made of natural fibers are offered. The footgear at Greenpicks fulfills this and many other sustainable criteria. Whether for work or leisure, whether elegant, sporty or rustic or for a cozy evening on the sofa: you can discover in the virtual shelf "Stockings & Socks" in the department "Men's Fashion" the appropriate footgear for every application and every style of dress.

With matching combined men’s stockings men avoid stylistic inconsistency and thus do not meet one’s Waterloo with the ladies.

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