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Wet Food at Greenpicks

Wet dog food made from natural organic ingredients

Dog food should primarily satisfy the four-legged friend and keep it fit and healthy for as long as possible in its dog's life. Daily exercise and a balanced diet ensure the well-being of the dogs. The feeding can be done with both dry and wet food. Also a combination of wet and dry dog food is possible. Decisive in the selection of wet dog food is the high quality to provide the dog with all healthy and vital nutrients. Meat from species-appropriate husbandry should always be the main component of the complete animal feed. The specially adapted formula for dogs contains the balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fat and vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In short: Wet dog food is good food, in which the vitamins and minerals only come from natural ingredients (if possible in organic quality) without additives.

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Organic wet dog food contains only natural raw materials

Organic dog food is different to traditional dog wet food in the origin of its ingredients. It contains only natural raw materials. This means only meat, vegetables, fruits or cereals from certified organic farming and farm animal welfare and housing. Designated inspection bodies check the ingredients, their production and processing. Species-appropriate husbandry means that the meat content in organic wet dog food contains no growth hormones and preventive antibiotics. Cereals and other herbal ingredients from certified organic farming are free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In addition, no artificial preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, flavour enhancers and emulsifiers are added to organic dog food. Genetic engineering is also prohibited for herbal and animal ingredients. Compared to conventional dog food, the meat content is usually higher in organic wet dog food. Wet food for dogs is even available with 100% meat in the usual 400g cans. In principle, animal by-products may be included in complete feed, provided that it comes from certified organic managed farms, but many producers of organic wet dog food completely dispense with such meat by-products.

Many sustainable and ecological aspects speak for organic dog food. It provides the four-legged friends with all vital nutrients, reduces the sensitivity to intolerances and allergies and supports the biological agriculture and beef industry.

Wet food for puppies, adult and senior dogs

With wet dog food it depends on the correct dosage, which depends on dog breed, phase of life, state of health, weight, activity and feeding behaviour. Thus, the different full-value organic canned wet dog food menus differ not only in the tastes chicken, turkey, lamb, wild rabbit, rabbit, cattle, boar, buffalo, horse, salmon etc. but also in their energy density. The organic complete menus are specially adapted for the energy needs of puppies, small and large dogs, Junior, Adult and Senior. A clearly declared ingredient list helps giving the right amount of wet food to the feeding bowl. If the daily food ration is balanced, dog owners prevent deficiency signs for their dogs. Because no dog lover wants his beloved four-legged friend freezes, losing weight and getting more and more inefficient.

On the other hand there is overfeeding in western countries. A fat dog, like us, is prone to joint trouble, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders. But even overweight dogs can be helped. The absence of high calorie goodies, exercise such as long walks and dog sports and diet wet dog food make the fat pads melt.

Organic puppy food is specially adapted to the needs of young dogs. Above all, the right puppy food must meet the high energy and protein requirements of puppies. A mix of different nutrients, especially an optimal supply of calcium as well as the ratio between calcium and phosphorus, are important to support the puppies in bone development and healthy growth. Like wet food for adult and senior dogs, certified organic puppy food contains only raw materials in organic quality and is free of synthetic additives and artificially produced vitamins.

Delicious, nutritious and healthy – certified organic wet dog food

Even dogs can be delicate. Although their taste buds will probably not be able to distinguish between organic dog food and conventional feed, their feeding behavior shows if it's according to their taste. Often, dogs prefer wet food to dry dog food. Which can be due to the flavour, but also the high water content. Thus, wet dog food is also good for dogs that drink little.

At Greenpicks you will definitely find certified organic wet food that lets the dogs’ mouth watering. And at the same time, the moist animal feedingstuff complies with the minimum standards according to the EC Organic Regulation; recognizable by the European ABCERT seal, the German organic seal or the Dutch EKO seal. Many dog food manufacturers are certified to the further-reaching seals of organic farming associations. These include, for example, Bioland, Demeter, Ecoland and Biokreis.

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