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Natural breastfeeding accessories made of non-toxic materials

Already during the pregnancy, many mothers choose to breastfeed their baby. Because nothing is so rich in important nutrients as the mother's milk. Breastfeeding is a practical, environmentally-friendly and inexpensive way to feed newborns. In addition, breastfeeding supports the positive development of mother-child bond through tight body contact. Natural breastfeeding supplies made of non-toxic materials help keeping breastfeeding relaxed and harmonious.

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Organic nursing pillow as a cuddly hold during pregnancy and lactation period

During the first months of life, breastfeeding takes some hours a day. In order to have it cuddly and comfortable for mother and baby, a breastfeeding pillow is a comfortable companion for breastfeeding. Already during pregnancy, the pillow supports the expectant mother in the lateral position, around the arched belly or behind the back, the legs and relieves the spine. Because especially during pregnancy sleep should be relaxing. During the day, it can be used as a comfortable seat cushion to relieve a little the back muscles.

Therewith that you do not have to hold your baby all the time during breastfeeding, you can put it on an elongated pillow shaped to a horseshoe. On the one hand, this supports emotional security and on the other hand, prevents tension on the mother’s shoulder and neck muscles.

Since mother and baby are in close contact with the breastfeeding pillow a non-toxic quality is an advantage. It does not carry any toxic substances that could put a burden on the young fortune. Breastfeeding pillows in ecological quality are characterized by a pillowcase made from organic cotton as well as fillings with vegan spelt husks, millet husks from certified organic farming or Bioland sheep's new wool. Down feathers from certified biological animal farming are rarely used. Suitable pillow covers for the tubular cushions are also certified from certified organic cotton (e.g., according to GOTS or OEKO-TEX®) and often naturally dyed according to IVN.

Thus, nursing pillows fulfill multiple purposes. During pregnancy they help to take a comfortable sleeping position and during lactation period they support relaxing breastfeeding. Even when the nursing period is over, the breastfeeding pillow can be used as a cuddly cushion for toddlers or as a side sleeping pillow. Multifunctional and sustainable!

A nursing cloth made from organic cotton – many functions!

Whether at home, during a walk or on holiday, cloths for breastfeeding are indispensable. Muslin nappies are practical because they are multifunctional. The pure organic cotton cloth serve as a breastfeeding cloth as well as a light baby blanket and as little towel to protect the clothing. Make sure you have a small supply of nursing cloths and that the cotton towels can be machine washed, because experience has shown that when you are breastfeeding, sometimes somebody makes a mess. Also unbleached molton cloth from GOTS certified organic cotton can serve as breastfeeding cloth, changing mat and pad in the pram. They are not only tested for harmful substances, but are also washable at 95° C.

Ecological breast pumps for more flexibility in everyday life with a baby

Nowadays, being parents and mother requires a high degree of flexibility. Whether the young mother's occupation, inflamed nipples, breast engorgement or an occasionally quiet evening without breastfeeding – a breast pump proves to be extremely practical. Electric breast pumps are quicker, but more environmentally friendly and just as practical is a hand pump. The manual breast-pump is compact, light, small and quiet enough for use on the go and can be used independently of a power source. Ecological breast pumps consist of skin-friendly and recyclable materials.

Skin-friendly and washable nursing pads made of organic wool & silk and organic cotton

Nursing pads protect the nursing bra and outerwear, ensure optimal body hygiene and collect leaking mother's milk. The material blend of organic wool and silk is particularly skin-friendly and absorbent and best suited for nursing pads because they lie directly in the bra placed on the breast. While silk transfers moisture from the skin, wool absorbs moisture and protects against unsightly stains on clothing. Even washable pads made from pure organic cotton are very skin-friendly, absorbent and are expected to be cheaper for the entire lactation period and do not cause waste such as disposable pads. If you can not dispense with one-way pads, you should use nursing pads made of recyclable paper pulp.

Useful utensils for a pleasant lactation period

While breastfeeding pillows and cloths, nursing pads and possibly also breast pumps belong to the basic equipment in the first months of life, there are breastfeeding utensils, which can be useful if necessary. These include among others, nipple shields, special care for nipples and storage containers for the pumped mother's milk.

In addition to breastfeeding, newly parents are faced with enormous challenges in their daily routine and travel. Essential are feeding, changing a baby and baby body care. In eco diaper bags you can transport the entire diapering accessories such as baby bottle, dummy, cloth nappies, changing mat and toys. Practical and hygienic is a nappy pail next to the changing table in the children’s room. The newborn can also be wrapped comfortably and hygienically on the go with its own travel changing pad and a baby blanket. Pacifier chains secure the soother that the comforter is always handy. Grasping toys, cuddly toys and small dolls provide entertainment and motoric development.

Sustainable breastfeeding accessories, such as breastfeeding pillows, nursing pads, breast pumps and practical breastfeeding equipment made of natural materials are available online at greenpicks.de/en.

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