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Sustainable and trendy – sweaters & hoodies for girls

The most sustainable outerwear is one that can be worn all year round, is extremely comfortable to wear and also has a stylish look. Doubtless, this includes sweaters and hoodies for girls. Especially in the transition period, hoodies offer cosy warmth. Thanks to the hood, the girls' sweaters protect the head and neck from drafts as well as the wet hair after school sports. Thanks to the sustainable range of sweaters and hoodies, the young women are always dressed in a trendy manner and can also enjoy the skin-friendly properties of organic cotton.

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Perfect outerwear basics in organic quality

Whether in kindergarten, at school, at sports or relaxing in the youth room – a girl's hooded sweatshirt and sweater is the perfect basic outerwear for all situations of growing up children.

While various designs clearly visible score for the girls, the inner values lie in the fabric itself, which is particularly pleasing to environmentally conscious parents. High-quality processed organic cotton or a mixture of organic wool and silk are not only skin-friendly, but also processed according to ecological and ethical standards. Above all is the GOTS label. The Global Organic Textile Standard guarantees that no environmentally relevant and toxicological substances are used in the entire process from the cultivation to the harvest to the finished hoody. And that the sewers are paid fair according to national legal standards. It excludes genetic engineering and child labour. NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST certifies textiles as far as all stages of the process chain meet the IVN guidelines and social criteria.

Girls sweater often bear the Fair Trade seal. This means that organic cotton is traded at fair prices and farmers receive higher wages than is customary in the country. The Green Button (Gruene Knopf) and the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® also have minimum requirements with regard to textile finishing and with regard to social and ecological criteria.

The particularly warm girls' sweatshirts, hoodies and fleece jackets made from organic wool obtain the material from species-appropriate husbandry. Here too, e.g. the GOTS and NATURTEXTIL IVN certified BEST seals certify to strict regulations for animal welfare. The coloured woolen items are particularly sustainable if they are dyed according to the IVN standard.

Slow fashion Sweaters and Hoodies for Girls

Sweaters and hoodies are simple pieces of clothing. Even little girls quickly learn to get their favourite hoody out of the closet and slip it over their heads. For older girls, they spice up any everyday outfit. Teenagers of the Fridays for Future generation dissociate themselves with slow fashion and fairly produced outerwear from the the former believe of quantity rather than quality. Because the young people show when it comes to dress fashionably and yet sustainably.

Casual cuts and a wide range of colours ensure that every girl will find her favourite sweater and hoodie at Greenpicks. Hoodies with raglan sleeves offer plenty of freedom of movement at the demo and sports. A hoodie with a zipper is ideal for the onion look. If things get hot during campaigns, the fleece jacket is quickly undressed and the classic organic t-shirt comes out. Loosely tied around the waist, this organic hoodie is a popular piece of clothing for cool summer evenings. Under a vest or combined with a parka, with jeans and cargo pants and sneakers – with fleece jackets, sweaters and hoodies, girls can get through spring, summer, autumn and winter in style.

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