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Starting the Bathing Season in an environmentally conscious way

Surfing, swimming, snorkelling, stand-up paddling are popular water sports among men. And they also enjoy playing beach volleyball on shore or simply chill out on the beach or just hanging out with friends by the pool. Men's swimwear is must-have for all these leisure activities. But do synthetic fibres always have to be reproduced for men's swim shorts? No! In order to conserve resources and use materials that are already available, sustainable swimwear for men uses recycled fibres derived from plastic bottles and plastic waste. This is only a delicate beginning of the so-called circular economy, but at least no crude petroleum has to be used for masculine eco swimwear. In some cases, the energy consumption in production is also lower.

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Eco-friendly Mens Swim Trunks

Men's swimming trunks come in many different styles that vary in cut and shapes on the one hand, and are available in many colours and patterns on the other. Men's swimwear is usually made of synthetic fibres obtained from fossil raw materials. But it can also be more sustainable. The Econyl® yarn for eco-friendly swim shorts, for example, is made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles, old fishing nets, plastic packaging and carpet remnants. The debris is sorted, cleaned and recycled and then yarn is created. The yarn is spun and the fabric is woven in Europe to create eco textiles and fabrics. In this way, eco bathing trunks for men combine design and fit on the one hand and recycled materials and fair manufacturing processes that conserve resources and nature on the other. If the men's swimwear is certified with the Fair Trade seal, swim trunks and board shorts are created in Fair Trade certified factories, ensuring ethical production and safe working for garment workers. Also, wages are securing the workers livelihood. As a rule, no animal materials are needed for men's swim shorts, so the swimwear is also vegan.

At the same time the sustainable swim shorts, paired with a matching T-shirt, are a basic ensemble for a casual beach outfit.

Sustainable Swimwear for Men

Men's swimwear made from organic cotton, linen, hemp, lyocell (Tencel™) has a high ecological added value. The sustainable materials are woven in such a way that they are water-repellent and quick drying for minimal water absorption like synthetic fibres. They are also lightweight, flexible, shape-retaining and hard-wearing. In addition, the special weave ensures that ecologically produced men's swim trunks and shorts are also equipped with UV protection factor 50+. With respect for nature, the finished product contains no chemicals and is recyclable at the end of its useful life span. In this way, the sustainable mens boardshorts re-enter the material cycle and, among other things, can be reprocessed into swimwear.

In which swim trunks does a man cut a good figure?

Regardless of figure and age, all men look good in a pair of short swim shorts that end about two hands' width above the knee. An elasticated waistband with a drawstring allows to adjust the width, and the inner brief made from recycled mesh material ensures a good fit. For short and stout men, this model complements the body type and fashion choice.

Ambitious amateur swimmers choose swim briefs or boxer briefs with a small leg attachment. Thanks to the elastic fibres, the fabric adapts to the shape of the body. The swim shorts have a tight, close to the body fit and therefore do not generate any water resistance when swimming. The tight, sporty swim trunks are timeless classics in which men with an athletic body type cut a very good figure.

Known from surfing, boardshorts end at or below the knee. The casual shorts dress well especially tall, athletically built men. This also applies to the mid swim shorts, which comes up to the knee. Since the requirements for boardsports are different from those for swimming, boardshorts are not as elastic as conventional swim shorts. For an optimal fit provides either a fixed non-elastic waist that opens at the front or an elastic waistband with a drawstring to adjust the waist size and an inner lining made of recycled mesh. The mesh interior helps water drain quickly when you get out. The casually cut surfer shorts are great for sports activities, board sports, swimming or relaxing.

Basically, loose-fitting swim shorts and boardshorts offer a lot of freedom of movement and many styling options. Whether for a walk on the beach, a snack at the beach café or for beach volleyball – with a polo shirt and toe separators, the shorts become a casual holiday outfit or a cool surfer look with a T-shirt and espadrilles.

Recycled Swimwear for Men

At Greenpicks, sustainability is everything, for people and the planet. Apart from offering sustainable swimwear for men, you can also find eco friendly bathing suits for women and girls as well as swim trunks and UV-protection shirts for boys. Either fibers are sourced organically, recycled or regenerated. Mens swimming trunks from regenerated plastic is an awesome concept and eco friendly bathing suits are also created from recycled plastic. Trendsetters go for recycled swimwear because it reuses valuable resources, reducing the ecological footprint every time you go on holiday. With swimwear and swim shorts made from ecological materials, men show great sense and environmental awareness. Discover now ethical swimwear for men at Greenpicks!

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