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Cushions & Cushion Covers in organic quality

Whether a pillow is only a decorative home accessory or can be of practical use, the choice of the intended use is decisive. The same applies to cushion covers. On the one hand, a bolster case shall protect the ticking from dirt, but on the other hand it also should be a tasteful accent in the living area. For minimalists, of course, both is valid: cushion and cushion covers should ensure comfort and advantage. Vegans also want the certainty that these practical and ornamental home textiles are free of animal ingredients and are produced in the best way from harmless natural fibers. If, on the other hand, the focus is on resource-conserving processing, a sofa cushion with a cover made from recycled coffee bags could also be considered. Greenpicks' cushions and cushion covers make it possible to create individual living space and to respect ecological aspects.

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The inner values – the filling

In addition to pillow slips in unpolluted quality, inner values matter – the filling. Not to be seen at first glance, but to be felt if you put your head on the sofa cushion or snuggle up in plenty of cushions. A cushion should also consist of natural fibres or recycled materials – like the cushion cover. On the one hand, resources are spared, and on the other hand, the filling is usually tested for harmful substances. Identifiable for example, by the seal OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. Polyester, obtained from PET bottles, is now considered recyclable. The plastic material spreads in the cushion and is particularly fluffy.

A natural alternative are fillings made from organic spelt, organic millet husks (with and without natural rubber), organic buckwheat, organic rye and sea grass. On the one hand, these natural filling materials come from certified organic farming, to be recogonized by the GOTS seal (Global Organic Textile Standard). On the other hand, these are renewable resources. The grain fillings are just as good as polyester fillings. The many small grains adapt to the body. In combination with natural rubber, they only produce hardly hearable noise when laying on a cushion filled with grain. It is also advantageous that the natural cushions can be refilled. Or you decide even for a pillow case for self-filling. Refill packs of millet, spelt and other natural fillings are offered separately in different trading units.

Cushions filled with down are usually found in the bedroom and everywhere you go to rest. The filling is cuddly, warming and regulates moisture. Organic seals for down pillows certify that the downs and feathers are of species-appropriate husbandry. Allergy sufferers should pay attention to the anti-allergy label Nomite. The cotton fabric is very tightly woven, which makes life difficult for the house mites and facilitates life of asthma sufferers.

Decorative and protective: Cushion covers made of organic cotton, organic wool and felt

Cushions are one of the most versatile home accessories and invite you to linger and cuddle. As different personal preferences and tastes can be in terms of patterns and motifs, you should not compromise the material. For cushion covers made cotton, cotton is the first choice in addition to linen, hemp and recycled fabrics. From the cultivation to the finished product, certified organic cotton is harmless and at the same time hard-wearing, durable and easy to care for.

Cosy woolen cushions (certified organic animal husbandry), made of recycled wool and felt, provide comfortable warmth. Cosy corners are particularly homely with a woolen cushion. A chair cushion made of felt is very comfortable. No sweat and sticking to the chair, because this natural fibre has a temperature-balancing effect at any time of the year.

The pillow cases are produced regionally or worldwide in small factories and sheltered workshops. The focus is on the wellbeing of people and the environment. Dyed with environmentally friendly colours, e.g. with vegetable colours. Heavy metals and other toxic substances are excluded.

If the removable covers are once worn, they can be replaced quickly and easily. Frequently, a worn-out cushion cover can still be converted, e.g. to cleaning rags, small decorative doilies or as dirty cloths during renovation.

Unique cushion covers made of coffee bag, sailcloth, fabric remnants

Not only in line with the trend, but also resource-efficient are upcycling cushions. Filled with recycled or like new materials, these stylish and unique cushions are wrapped in a cushion cover made from coffee bag, tea sacks, fabric remnants, canvas, fabrics from parachutes or other recyclable materials. The cushions are very robust and durable due to the materials used. Particularly popular is the combination of pallet furniture decorated with upcycled cushions. Depending on the cushion cover and filling, some upcycling cushions are even suitable for outdoor use. Green lifestyle in the garden, or in the summer house, in the weekend house or in the winter garden ...

Organic cushions and pillows for different occasions

No bedroom, no sofa does without pillows. In the kitchen chair cushions provide warmth and comfortable seating. And in the child’s room no cave could be built without cushions and blankets. When traveling, a neck pillow ensures a relaxed nap. Choose between pillows and side sleeping pillow, breast feeding pillows and neck cushion, herbal pillows and cushions filled with cherry stones to relieve minor health problems. Half a dozen sofa cushions transform the couch into a small oasis of peace and relaxation. For every cushion model, there are also matching cushion covers, which protect the ticking from dirt and moisture. The range of cushions and cushion covers at Greenpicks guarantee the ecological quality of the raw materials used, the environmentally friendly processing and the fair treatment of all people involved in the production process.

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