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Skin-friendly basics in the summery baby wardrobe

Baby T-shirts and tops are essential basics in the summery baby wardrobe. The short-sleeved tops can be easily coordinated and are also suitable as an alternative to the undershirt. Since these garments are worn very close to the skin, above all they should be soft, cuddly and made of non-toxic fabrics.

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Organic Baby T-Shirts & Tops with a fashionable and ecological requirement

The globally recognized seals GOTS for Global Organic Textile Standard and Naturtextil IVN certified BEST only accept natural fibres from certified organic farming that do not require any plant food or chemical additives at the harvest. Also in the further manufacturing process, in the entire supply chain up to the finished garment, strict guidelines apply for dyeing and for accessories such as buttons and zippers. Dyeing is only allowed with substances on a natural basis. Even printed baby T-shirts may only be printed according to the GOTS standard.

Other textile seals such as STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and the 'Gruene Knopf' (green button) test all parts of the garment, i.e. also all threads, buttons and other accessories for pollutants that could harm human health. This also includes human rights, social and ecological standards as well as the company audit.

And last but not least, baby shirts can also consist of recycled materials. Because pure cotton can be recycled just like fishing nets and PET bottles. Of course, this recycled baby fashion is just as tested for pollutants as natural fibres.

In addition, production under fair conditions also plays a role. While in low-wage countries seamstresses and neelemen hardly make a living from their wages, fair trade certified baby shirts ensure social standards and fair working conditions.

Thus, manufacturers of organic baby fashion prove that they do not compromise when it comes to choosing textiles that have been tested for harmful substances. This means that skin-friendly quality is guaranteed and the risk of allergies is minimized without losing the fashionable look.

Sustainable Baby T-Shirts in great colours, patterns and motifs

Dressing and undressing works particularly well if the baby T-shirt has a slip neckline or a button border on the shoulder. Plain-coloured baby T-shirts and long-sleeved T-shirts are allround talents that can be worn all year round. In summer with shorts or skirts, the little ones can crawl through the garden dressed lightly. And in autumn and winter, T-shirts and polo shirts for toddlers form a protective layer under a long-sleeved shirt, under a sweater or under a cardigan. Striped pattern and with all-over prints from magical fairies to comic characters to funny statements make baby shirts distinctive – which is an advantage in the day nursery. This way, fullfills the desire for individuality and the little ones will quickly find their shirt in the day care centre under many items of clothing.

From classic to sporty and maritime to trendy, whether short-sleeved shirts for summer and long-sleeved T-shirts for cool days – baby T-shirts for day nursery, for a family celebration and T-shirts with UV protection – no matter which top you choose, the baby fashion labels represented at Greenpicks stand behind the adherence to the strict ecological guidelines regarding sustainability, fairness and nature protection.

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