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Flour mills at Greenpicks

Flour mills – affordable and energy-efficient

If you prefer whole-food, flour mills are a great help. Freshly ground cereals, high-quality flours and flakes should be consumed promptly in order to preserve the valuable nutrients such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals, fatty acids and protein building blocks. Especially hand-operated grain mills are affordable and energy-efficient. When grinding grain, poppyseed and coffee beans, one remains in motion and at the same time saves electricity.

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Sustainable Grinders

A distinction is made between different grinders. Steel cones are suitable for the grinding of oilseeds and spices. With a stone grinder, on the other hand, particularly fine flour can be produced. Compared to a grinder made of corundum, grinders made of steel are more cost-effective. However, flour might not be milled as fine as by a stone grinder. Grinders made of corundum, the second hardest material after the diamond, are particularly durable.

Flour mills made of sustainably certified wood

Flour mills with a housing made of organic wood are kitchen helpers for those who want the most exacting demands of the flour and who want to know exactly what is really in the flour. A muesli of freshly prepared cereals, grains, flakes, seeds, nuts and fruit is the best energy supplier for the start of the day.

Whether the grain is simply cracked at a coarse grinding stage, to get the perfect basis for a delicious muesli, or whether the grain mill is used to produce the finest flour – every mill has its own special characteristics.

Even flour mills made of wood decorate the kitchen. For the protection of the wood it is usually treated with environmentally friendly oils. Particularly sustainable are manually operated flour mills made of wood if the wood comes from local forestry and is certified by FSC©. Some mill manufacturers produce their flour mills in sheltered workshops. In this way, people with disabilities are integrated into working processes.

But not only the exterior should be beautiful and functional. Since hand-operated flour mills are operated manually, the grindstone should be easily winded. This is ensured by ball bearing mounted components and e.g. grinding stones made of Naxus basalt, granite or ceramic. The stepless adjustment of the stones offers the choice of any milling consistency (finest whole grain to coarse meal). The manually flour mills need to be cleaned only rarely. Sometimes it is sufficient to roughly grind dry grains. Otherwise, a small brush with natural bristles can be used to clean the grinder.

As required: flour mill or coffee mill

Depending on whether spelt, rye, wheat, oats or hard cereal varieties such as corn are to be ground into flour or oily ones, such as oilseeds, several cereal mills equipped with the grinders described above may be necessary. If you like, you can use a coffee grinder both for grinding organic coffee and cereals. Also, muesli can be produced with many models. For those who are physically restricted, electric grain mills can also be useful kitchen helpers. Allergic persons or people with gluten intolerance should use a different, own mill than the other family members.

Flour mills for a healthy and conscious lifestyle

Whether for a balanced breakfast or whether ambitious hobby bakers want to grind the flour for bread and cakes themselves – flour mills are original kitchen appliances. Made from renewable raw materials, e.g. wood they do not only looks stylish, but also demonstrate a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Discover at Greenpicks flour mills that fit your personal requirements.

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