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Eco-friendly sports bags are fair team partners

Since time immemorial exercise has been an elementary prerequisite for health. Exercise provides oxygen and nutrients to the skeleton, musculature and internal organs. Two, three hours of sports per week support mobility up until old age. Classic sports such as running, cycling or swimming, but also dancing, gymnastics and yoga increase the performance. No matter which type of exercise you prefer, each sport needs special equipment that is conveniently stored in as well suitable eco sports bags. Functionality, size, comfort and ecological materials are important factors when buying sports bags.

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The type of sport determines the suitable sports bag

As with many bags, size, design and materials determine the possible applications of a sports bag. For most sports, athletes (f/m/d) want to store balls, tennis rackets, paddle racquets, gym equipment and yoga mat separately from the training wear, dirty athletic shoes, (wet) towel and cosmetics. On the one hand, the sports utensils are quickly at hand and on the other hand, especially clothing, underwear and towel are protected from dirt and moisture. Small zippered inner compartments house purse, keys, cell phone and other small valuables. Externally mounted separate holders are for drinking bottles. In addition to sports bags, special backpacks are suitable for some sports, especially for outdoor activities, hiking, mountaineering and climbing.

Fair training partner: ecoconscious sports bags

Against the background that well-known manufacturers of sports equipment waste a rash of resources, sports bags made by small factories of recycled materials come in a significant foreground. Innovative designers use canvas made from recycled sails, fabric from used parachutes, wetsuits, sleeping bags, rubber dinghies, car tires, bicycle tube, truck tarpaulin, tea bags and coffee sacks and much more. By upcycling, skillful fingers in tailor shops and sheltered workshops sew unique, ecological correct sports bags. Most of the recycling materials are water-repellent, extremely robust and durable and meet the requirements and different demands on sports bags.

Natural raw materials such as organic cotton, felt, hemp, vegetabil and vegan leather are also robust starting materials for sports bags. Eco labels such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Naturleder IVN and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 control whether the raw materials are obtained according to the criteria of organic farming and animal welfare. In addition, ecological standards for yarns, zippers, dyeing methods, eco-friendly production and social-ethical conditions apply to seamstresses and sewers. The advantage of so-called eco sports bags is in addition to environmentally friendly and fair productions often in the recyclability of the materials.

Eco gym bag – practical accessory with lifestyle factor

For school sports or for sports with little equipment, gym bags are practical and stylish storage options for sneakers, tricot and trunks. The practical accessory is loosely worn with thin straps like a classic backpack. As for sports bags, gym bags are made of both recycled materials or natural fibres. In addition, the eco gym bag has the lifestyle factor as a fashion accessory and is worn by women and men alike in their spare time to always have wallet, smartphone, make-up, water bottle, cardigan and sweater with them.

Minimalistic – sports bag as a travel bag

Short trip to London, Paris or Barcelona? Due to the neatly arranged design sports bags are also preferably used as travel bags. So you get almost two bags for the price of one. This minimalist approach already preserves resources and your safe money. Rolls and padded shoulder straps make it possible to transport the bags and carry them on the shoulder and on the back. In a beltbag or in a burnbag, important traveling accessories can then be stored and safely carried on the body.

The green league of sports bags

Ball sports such as handball, basketball, volleyball but also judo and other fighting sports need large sports bags to accommodate next to balls, judogi the complete sports equipment and underclothes, towels, cosmetics bags and water bottles. Yoga bags are usually roll-shaped or large enough to comfortably accommodate yoga mat, yoga pillow, towel and water bottle. Lockable extra compartments accommodate valuables. For small sports gear, gym bags and small backpacks are available, which provide space for trainers, organic T-shirt and shorts.

Do as you like and fulfill the sporting purpose!

Club sports, fitness training, outdoor sports or yoga – as individual as each sports is, the requirements for corresponding sports bags are just as individual. Materials, colours and design often stand for the respective sport and its athletes. But even if certain colours are assigned to women, men and children, with sports bags and gym bags (and otherwise), the gender-neutral principle applies: Do as you like and fulfill the sporting purpose! And in terms of individuality, sportswomen and sportsman at Greenpicks find sports bags that combine sustainability and functionality. Those who know and accept physical as well as ecological limits have the greatest benefit for their own wellbeing and for the environment and nature.

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