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Snow & Rainwear at Greenpicks

Baby rainwear made from natural fibres

When it rains or snows, some parents shy away from letting their baby play outside. They are worried that he or she might catch a cold. The right rainwear for babies relieves parents of this worry. With appropriate outdoor clothing babies and children are well protected when they take a running jump from puddle to puddle. Breathable rainwear made of natural fibres, which can be combined according to the layering principle, offers babies all-round protection in drizzle and bad weather. Baby snowsuits made of ecological fabrics keep the little ones warm when they go hunting for snowflakes in the forest kindergarten. In addition, mud trousers and all-weather jackets made of treated certified organic cotton convince with sustainability and cosiness.

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Non-toxic baby rainwear and baby snowwear

What is rain? What do raindrops actually feel like on the hand? What is snow? Even the little ones find the rain exciting and like to rush outside when the first drops and snow flakes fall. With basic equipment consisting of a rain jacket with hood, rain trousers or mud pants, alternatively a rain overall, and wellies made of natural rubber, the little ones will stay mostly dry on their journey of discovery. If you want to avoid PVC, you can choose rainwear for your toddler that has been tested for harmful substances. The ecological functional clothing for rain and snow does not contain substances such as cadmium, chromium, PAH, phthalates and plasticisers, which pollute the environment and humans alike.

Ecological rain gear for babies

No matter what the weather – nowhere else are children's senses addressed and stimulated in such a diverse and natural way as in nature, in the forest, at the beach. In the rain, nature shows different colours than in the sunshine. With the sustainable range of baby outdoor clothing at Greenpicks, parents will find the right outfit for any wind and weather, for rain and snow.

Eco-friendly rainwear made from EtaProof® organic cotton is the ideal companion for unsettled drizzly weather and for a stroll to the rain-soaked playground. EtaProof® is a functional fabric made from certified organic cotton. Extra long staple fiber yarns are gently spun and twisted, then woven into an extremely dense plain weave cloth. The result is a dense all weather fabric which has a natural touch and comfort. Baby mud clothes made from EtaProof® offers rain and wind protection and natural breathability that is recognised world wide to be the best of its kind. Equipped with reflectors, the child can also play clearly visible in deep water puddles at dusk or in bad weather.

Durable foul-weather clothing made from recycled materials

Rain jackets, rain trousers and snow trousers made of recycled materials are a resource-saving alternative. Most of these are melted down PET bottles, which consume less energy and emit less CO2 than crude oil. But the high-quality fabrics of work trousers from the fire brigade, city cleaning and similar occupational groups are also proper for foul-weather clothing. Upcycling designers clean these work clothes and tailor new, hard-wearing rain trousers and rain jackets for babies and toddlers from them. Extremely tear-resistant, highly abrasion-resistant and hard-wearing, the recycled rainwear withstands the high stresses of the wild everyday life in the forest kindergarten.

Baby all-weather clothing for the layered look

To ensure that little ones always have a balanced body temperature in changeable weather, i.e. neither sweat nor freeze, layering basics keep body heat at a balanced level. Baby rainwear made of EtaProof natural fibres is breathable, windproof and water-repellent. Temperature-balancing properties are not only provided by all-weather clothing per se, but also by the combination of different fabrics and layers, such as organic wool and organic cotton fleece. Each layer of clothing fulfils a specific function according to the layering principle. The base layer allows the skin to breathe, the mid layer keeps the body warm and the outer layer protects against wind and cold. It is important to outfit the baby with the right layers to set them up for success and happy hours in rain and snow.

In addition, the layering principle even saves money (and resources) because all layers can be combined at will throughout the year. Thanks to the high quality, baby rainwear can be passed on to siblings or sold on at the flea market.

Hard-wearing rainwear for day care centre and playground

A generously sized cut and elastic cuffs on hands and feet are crucial for baby outdoor clothing. On the one hand, the all-weather clothing must fit well and follow every movement when jumping and running, without water being able to soak in the apparel. For this purpose, an organic rain overall is ideal, with an additional cap made of organic cotton fleece to keep little heads warm, while the hood provides additional protection from rain and snow. Featuring a long zip, undressing is easy. Choose the rain overall for babies or the snowsuit one size larger to be able to put on an organic boiled wool overall underneath as an insulating layer. This will keep the little ones cosy and warm when you take your baby to nursery in the bike trailer. On the morning bike ride, mittens made of organic wool fleece warm the little fingers. And when your offspring crawls overwhelmingly to their playmates, EtaProof rain overshoes protect the baby shoes from mud and moisture.

Baby outdoor clothing just as nature intended

Rainwater is odourless. And this is also true of the ecological rainwear for babies at Greenpicks. The natural outdoor clothing for rain and snow is not treated with toxic chemicals and therefore does not emit any unpleasant odours. Just as nature intended!

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