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Sustainable gifts for all

To make fair presents gives pleasure – to the recipient, the giver and the manufacturers of eco gifts and fair trade gifts. A surprise, a small or large gesture, an attention? What is the perfect sustainable gift for the best friend, for the husband or for grandma and grandpa?

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Eco-friendly gifts ideas for every occasion

Not only birthdays or Christmas offer an opportunity to give something to your loved ones. There are many occasions to show the people you are close to and with whom you share many wonderful memories your gratitude and affection. A unique upcycled gift for your best female or male friend is a great way to please her or him. In the gift finder at Greenpicks you will find gifts for women, men, baby, girls and boys as well as gender sensitive gifts. For more topic-specific gifts have a look in our categories Easter, Valentine's Day and Christmas. And if there is not the right eco gift or you are looking for a sustainable gift for Mother's or Father's Day, browse through our inspirations.

Individual and creative gifts at Greenpicks

Beyond the category Gifts & Presents you can make a find in our entire range. Choose between ethical produced organic fashion, unique designed natural jewellery and innovative upcycling products and bags from unusual materials such as bicycle tube, jeans labels or recycled tea bags. Even with practical everyday objects such as storage boxes made of bioplastics or a wine carafe from lead-free glass you give pleasure. From every area of life, you can buy gifts for your loved fellows. And for your beloved pet there is certainly also something to be found.

Be enchanted by the individuality, creativity and imagination brought to you by many designers from all over the world at Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market.

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