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Organic Mattresses and natural Mattress Topper support sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene names conditions and behaviour that promote healthy sleep. Disturbing influences such as noise, light, nicotine and alcohol affect the quality of sleep similar to back and neck pain, which may be due to an inappropriate mattress or an unsuitable pillow. A restful night's sleep is provided by organic mattresses and natural mattress toppers whose materials are of biological origin. Checked for harmful substances, they ensure a pleasant climate in the bedroom; an essential prerequisite to wake up unburdened in the morning.

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Conventional mattresses may contain various unwanted chemicals, such as e.g. plasticisers, pesticides and heavy metals. There are no legal limits for the various pollutants. Mattress manufacturers who value safety, quality and sustainability undergo voluntary testing through health and environmental labels such as the Blue Angel, OekoControl, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, 1000 and 100plus and the eco-INSTITUT label and the QUL seal (quality association environmentally friendly latex mattresses e.V.). Biological, lower-emission raw materials, fair cultivation and harvesting methods and socially acceptable production conditions mean even greater safety for manufacturers and consumers.

Sustainable mattresses and mattress pads from local production ensure short transport routes as well as job security. Of course, it depends on the location of the customer. Also made in Europe bedding have a regional character. The European Union is strengthened. For climate-protective reasons such mattresses and toppers are preferable to those from overseas.

The perfect natural mattress for every type of sleep

For every type of sleep there is the perfect organic mattress. Natural materials tested for pollutants and perfect processing under fair conditions are the basic prerequisites for a comfortable lying quality. Natural mattresses and latex mattresses offer a high point elasticity and good air circulation, which is important for a moisture exchange.

Natural materials such as coconut fibres, hemp, kapok, spelt husks, millet shells, seagrass and horsehair form the mattress core of the natural mattresses, which is edged by a cover made of certified organic cotton or sheep's wool from farm animal welfare and housing. All raw materials of eco mattresses are individually tested for harmful substances. Even the cultivation of organic hemp, millet shells and organic spelt husks takes place without pesticides and insecticides.

Latex mattresses made of 100% natural rubber are easy-care, dust-free and bacteria-hostile. They adapt well to the body. The eco mattress offers a good sleeping climate and durability. That recoups for the higher price. A mattress cover made of washable organic cotton, virgin wool or camel hair prevents direct skin contact, so that the risk of allergies in natural latex mattresses is very low. A latex mattress often has a 5- or 7-zone body support system that provides good support for side sleepers.

The spring mattress and pocket spring mattress stand for stability, longevity and breathability while excellently supporting the body. The mattress core is surrounded by a cover made of organic cotton, Tencel or other natural raw materials. It is advantageous if the cover can be removed so that it can be washed at up to 60° C.

For eco cold foam mattresses and mattresses, toppers and pillows made of visco-foam it is worthwhile to take a closer look. The synthetically produced types of foam can be environmentally friendly and harmless to humans under certain conditions. The proper quality is certified by analysis for pollutants according to the guidelines of the International Association of Natural Textile Industry (IVN), the Quality Association environmentally friendly latex mattresses e.V. (QUL) and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. When purchasing a visco foam mattress ask for its recyclability.

All types of mattress are also available as vegan mattresses. Natural mattresses are, as the name implies, vegan by nature. Only in the selection of the mattress cover (also applies to mattress topper) is to ensure that it does not contain any animal ingredients.

Typical mattress sizes and degrees of hardness

Body size, body weight, physique, pressure perception, sweating or allergies play a role as well as the preferred sleeping position. Whether side sleeper, or sleeping on the belly or back – it is crucial that the spine is always properly bedded and does not sag. For teenagers and adults the following mattress sizes are typical for Germany:

  • 80 x 190 cm
  • 80 x 200 cm
  • 90 x 190 cm
  • 90 x 200 cm
  • 100 x 200 cm
  • 120 x 200 cm
  • 140 x 200 cm

Special sizes for tall people, caravans and campers are available on request. As a rule of thumb the following degrees of hardness apply:

  • H1 (F1, very soft): up to 60 kg bodyweight
  • H2 (F2, soft) up to 80 kg bodyweight
  • H3 (F3 medium): up to 100 kg bodyweight
  • H4 (F4, hard): up to 130 kg bodyweight
  • H5 (F5, very hard): more than 130 kg bodyweight

Since unfortunately there is no uniform value for the degree of hardness, you should definitely follow the respective product description of the manufacturer.

Organic mattress toppers for increased sleeping comfort

A mattress topper varies the properties of a mattress. It can greatly contribute to comfort and improve the feeling of lying. For allergy sufferers and asthmatics, mattress pads provide protection against bacteria and dust mites. As for mattresses, natural materials and natural fibres contemplate for mattress toppers. Organic cotton, organic wool, kapok, hemp, organic spelt husks, organic millet shells, seaweed from controlled wild harvesting, coconut, horsehair and down provide the desired sleeping comfort for every type of sleep. With this selection of animal-free fillings, vegans will find for themselves a suitable topper. Basically, it depends on the individual sleeping habits and preferences, which organic mattress pad is ideal.

Who does not need a topper, protects the mattress with an organic mattress cover from wear and dirt. This extends the life time of the mattress.

Test online mattresses personally

Many mattress manufacturers allow 14 to 100 days of test time to let you check that the mattress and mattress topper are up to your expectations. This makes the online mattress purchase attractive because you can return the mattresses if you do not like them. The condition for this is that the bedding is not dirty and damaged. Any questions? – Then use the contact form for the respective product or contact the Greenpicks service team.

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