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Decorative and useful coasters for the household with aspects of sustainability

On the one hand coasters are beautiful and decorative table accessories, on the other hand they are very useful. As the word implies, the household item is placed under something. In other words, coasters are used to place glasses, cups, pots and vases, so that furniture surfaces are protected from scratches, dents, dirt, moisture, discolouration and heat-related damage. Placing a candlestick on a coaster prevents hot wax from dripping onto the furniture or the tablecloth. No matter how delicious grape juice and red wine is, nobody wishes for the mostly reddish spots as a wreath on the table or on the tablecloth. The matching bottle coaster allows the dripping wine bottle to be placed directly on the table.

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Eco-friendly coasters extend the life cycle of furniture and surfaces

At first sight, the sustainability criteria of coastesr are not immediately obvious. At first glance, they are hidden. On closer consideration, coasters help to extend the life cycle of furniture and sensitive surfaces. This, in turn, conserves resources and causes less scrapped furniture.

Coasters are particularly sustainable if they are made from durable materials. This includes wood and glass, either from recycled stocks or from ecologically responsible production. Wood comes from sustainable forestry, recognizable by the FSC® seal. Glass coasters are free of lead and cadmium. Coasters made from organic cotton, stainless steel, felt, cork and porcelain also pass the practical test and are recyclable at the end of their useful life.

Sustainable coasters for glasses, bottles and pots

While young people do (can) not spend as much money on furniture, many people over the age of 30 rely on high-quality and durable furnishings. To protect the table, shelf and sideboard from stains and scratches, coasters are useful home accessories.

If you want to bring lunch straight from the pot and pan onto the table, protect the surface with a pot coaster or a hotplate. The elegant look combined with its heat resistance porcelain, stainless steel and glass are the first pick when hot dishes are served on temperature-resistant coasters on festive occasions. Heat-resistant glass coasters, but also coasters made of sturdy beech wood, oak wood and olive wood are practical household helpers to store hot pots, pans and casserole dishes while cooking or to bring the hot cookware directly onto the dining table. In addition, they highlight glasses, carafes, vases, candlesticks and sculptures.

Plastic free coasters – Ecodesign with function

Thanks to the selection of various colours and materials, sustainable coasters can be combined with all other home accessories, such as candles, bowls or dishes. A harmonious overall picture results when the coasters match the existing furnishings, crockery, tableware and the rest of the decoration in proportion, colour and material. At Greenpicks you will find plastic-free coasters for glasses, bottles and pots, which skillfully combine function and ecodesign with aspects of sustainability.

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