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The right eco-friendly shelving systems for every living situation

Whether minimalist or collector – storage space is always needed. There are different requirements for the dimensions in the one-room apartment, attic apartment, old building or spacious living room in the new house. Flexible shelving systems can be adapted to the respective housing situation. If necessary, they can be expanded and combined with shelf modules of the same series. Shelving systems offer many advantages over fixed shelves and cabinets as they are available in many different sizes, colours and materials. The shelving constructions are popular with young and old, in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as in the children and youth room as well as in the living room, in the hall, in the cellar, storeroom and garage.

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Aesthetic and sustainable features

If you have answered the questions,

  • In which room should the shelving system be installed?
  • How much space can it occupy?
  • How much space is needed in the shelving system?
  • What load should it carry?
  • Closed or open shelving system, i.e with or without back panel?

you can focus on aesthetic features such as design, colour and material when you are searching online. Finally, the shelving system should work harmoniously with existing furniture. Anyone who is about to furnishing completely new can be inspired.

Natural and recycled materials and high-quality, environmentally friendly processing are among the sustainable features. Shelving systems often consist of wood, metal and recycled materials.

These include wood from old barns, roof beams, boat bridges, pallets, but also bicycle inner tubes, spokes, scrap metal, steel and plastic. The more load the shelving system should carry, the more robust the wood should be. Here, shelves made of glue and compressed wood are not designed for heavy loads and are less stable than pine wood. Particularly robust is oak and beech wood. Although furniture is initially more expensive to buy, it has a long service life that goes so far that shelf systems made of beech and oak wood can be left to the next generation. Similarly stable and suitable for large loads are shelving systems made of steel. For dishes in the kitchen and dining room, books, large volumes of records, DVDs and CDs, you should prefer materials such as solid wood or metal. If you have much clothing, you are also well-advised with sturdy shelving systems. And even the hobby craftsman should rely on stability to keep heavy power tools safely in the cellar or in the garage.

Ecologically certified wood for high-quality and durable shelving systems

What applies to organic shelves also applies to shelving systems. It is based on high-quality materials such as wood, metal and recycled raw materials. Seals such as PEFC (Programs for the Enduring Forest Certification Schemes) or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certify wood sourced from sustainable forestry. It often comes from the region, which keeps the transport routes short to the furniture manufacturer. Regardless of whether the shelving system is produced in the home country or abroad – from a sustainable point of view a socially fair treatment of the producing people is just as self-evident as the lowest possible use of environmentally harmful pollutants. For example, wood glue is free of solvents and formaldehyde. The surfaces are treated with biological, allergy-friendly natural oils.

Wood is very robust and hard-wearing and guarantees a long life. Thanks to innovative plug-in connections, assembling is easy and usually no tools are needed. You can adapt the shelving system to new conditions at any time – simply take the modules apart and put them together in a new shape.

When recycled raw materials get a second life – upcycling!

The stars among the shelving systems are those that arise in the context of upcycling processes. For this, waste wood, scrap metal and other recycled materials are given a second life. Recycled bicycle tubes, spokes and chains serve as plug connections. Creative designers often work with sheltered workshops in the production of upcycled shelving systems. The fair and social criterion ensures that people who cannot work in the primary labour market can engage in meaningful work.

While open shelving systems are often used as room dividers to visually separate living and sleeping areas, shelving systems with rear panels have the advantage of providing plenty of storage space, keeping things organized, and leaving room for beautiful decorative objects. Whether you opt for a brand new piece of furniture or an upcycled shelf, of course, your good taste is up to you.

Gentle production of shelving systems in the interest of man and nature

In addition to stability and design, the gentle production of the shelving systems for nature and humans is of life-sustaining importance. The ecosystem should not be burdened with pollutants and CO2 emissions just as people are. In terms of long-lasting durability, it is also worth investing in sustainable shelving systems. Thanks to the wide selection of materials, dimensions and colours, you will always find suitable shelf modules for your interior furnishing at Greenpicks.

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