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Sustainable cat bowl

Once a cat fan, always a cat enthusiast! For this reason alone, it is worth buying a sustainable feeding bowl. Made from robust and durable materials, the feed bowls will last for several generations of cats. And at the end of the long period of use, a cat bowl made of porcelain, ceramic, wood and glass can be recycled.

Species-appropriate cat bowl

A species-appropriate feeding bowl for cats is flat, not higher than 3-4 cm and has a minimum diameter of 15 cm. It is round or oval shaped and has a low rim so that the house cat can easily reach the food. In addition, round bowls are easier to clean, so that no food remains in the corners. Usually a cat bowl made of porcelain, glass and stainless steel is dishwasher safe. The smooth surfaces have the advantage that food residues and bacteria cannot collect in the pores. If you opt for smoothly sanded wooden bowls, you should wash them by hand and oil them regularly with cooking oil for a long shelf life. Do not use a plastic bowl. The petroleum-based raw material does not only pollute the environment, the cat resents you for it, too. Because smells tend to inhere to a plastic bowl – cats with their fine sense of smell don't like that.

Ecological food bowl for cats

The cat doesn't care what the food bowl looks like, whether it is a simple dessert plate or a pretty cat bowl. But in addition to functionality, the surface material is crucial for hygiene. High-quality plastic bowls (preferably recycled plastic or bioplastics), a ceramic bowl or cat bowls made of stainless steel, porcelain and enamel are good for cat food. They basically have a smooth surface and keep bacteria from entering the bowl's surface. If there are grooves and scratches in the cat bowl you should throw it out or use it for another purpose. The robust materials are easy to care for and some are dishwasher safe. With a long usability, the ecological feeding bowls underline the sustainability. A heavy weight or a rubber stopper on the underside prevent the bowl from slipping while eating.

If you have two house cats, you can use a feeding station to serve the meal to both cats in separate bowls. There should be a separate cat bowl for water for each cat. A cheap alternative for this are dessert bowls that are unused in the closet at home.

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