Pillow with Organic Spelt Husks and Natural Rubber

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Pillow with Organic Spelt Husks and Natural Rubber

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Product description

Pillow with Organic Spelt Husks and Natural Rubber by speltex®

A pillow filled with organic spelt husks and natural rubber give quiet lying and a very uniform distribution of the lying pressure – relaxing luxury that comes from inside. This pillow will impress you among others with its excellent support properties. It shapes itself according to the contours of your head and neck area. It retains its shape and reliably changes only when changing to a different sleeping position. This quiet lying is free of springy movements that are sometimes perceived as bothering. This gives your neck muscles an opportunity to loosen up and relax. The intervertebral discs are released from muscle tension and can regenerate during sleep. Over 100,000 individual husks very evenly distribute the lying pressure. In motion, they let out a silent rustling, which is hardly noticed mostly after a few nights or associated with a good sense of calmness and relaxation. Spelt husk fillings offer with their somewhat coarser structure a particularly high degree of air exchange against overheating and sweating. In addition, they carry in their interior cavities that can store heat and thus ensure a pleasant temperature of fillings.

Size: 40 x 60 cm with 1300 g Organic Spelt Husks and Natural Rubber
Size: 40 x 80 cm with 1800 g Organic Spelt Husks and Natural Rubber
Cover: velvety, supple organic cotton twill with ca. 200 g/m² grammage, 100 % certified organic cotton, with covered zipper.
Incl. each refilling bag with 250g Organic Spelt Husks and Natural Rubber

Sanforizing is a special treatment of the fabric with steam and pressure. Because of this the fabrics are very soft and shrink. For later laundry they therefore only shrink up only minimal (about 1-2%).

What is the advantage of millet husks and spelt husks with rubber?
They are much more durable and longer lasting. This allows for a more versatile use of grain shell fillings. They are also dust-free, because the rubber binds the residual dust of the raw material. In use, they are very resistant to the development of fine abrasion. This is a huge advantage, because with every move of filling the shells and husks rub against each other.

The grain shells are soaked in a bath of natural rubber latex. Once the sap of the rubber tree penetrated and saturated the husks and shells, they are dried and heated. The solid rubber with its nearly indestructible durability gives them stability and long life.

The shells and husks remain freely movable. During processing it is a target to prevent a bonding of the husks by the rubber. Their breathing pores remain open and permeable. The supporting proporties of the filling improves significantly. The relaxing effect of the neck muscles benefit from this, for example as a pillow filling. The procedure to process millet husks and spelt husks with natural rubber latex, is unique and has been patented.

speltex® organic spelt husks with natural rubber are also available separately for refilling.

Alternatively, there is the pillow as ergonomic pillow in a separate offer.

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