Become a vendor – your advantages

Your AdvantagesYour Advantages – Shop-in-Shop-System with Full Service

  • Personal online shop with your logo, your content and products
  • Automated order process and payment handling incl. invoicing with your logo
  • Automatically generated delivery note and invoice with your logo is possible
  • Shipping confirmation incl. invoice with your logo possible
  • Customers pay directly to the seller!
  • International sales possibilities thanks to bilingual marketplace (German and English) and individual VAT rates
  • Shipping costs and free-shipping-limits for each vendor
  • Automated return managment
  • Adminstration of contact requests
  • Small business regulation accourding to § 19 Value Added Tax Act in Germany
  • Many reports for vendors
  • Product upload via CSV possible on request
  • Tutorial in the vendor back-end for registered sellers
  • Benefits: great discounts at our partners
  • Bundling of sustainable and ecological products in one marketplace with a sophistaceted shop-in-shop-system
  • Gaining more customers by higher visibility in the internet
  • Reaching the right target group
  • Promotion and marketing tools: An overview you will find in our goods and services and fees schedule.
  • Marketing support
  • Pick of the week
  • More advantages you will find in our goods and services and fees schedule.

Who can become a vendor?

Who can become a vendor at Greenpicks?

Professionals / professional manufacturers, vendors, companies, providers and members of the liberal profession producing and selling ecological and sustainable items. The offered products must meet our sustainability criteria.




manufacturersHow do I become a vendor at Greenpicks?

Sustainable? Organic? Eco? Logical! If you are a professional manufacturer, vendor, company, provider or member of the liberal profession producing eco-friendly and/or upcycling items, you welcome at Greenpicks – Eco & Upcycling Market.




Fair pricesHow much does a shop cost at Greenpicks?

Fair prices! The registration is for free. We offer a transparent fee and commission model. For our extensive range of services, we offer a Basic and Premium package and charge a small monthly shop fee (Premium) and a sales commission (Basis + Premium). Here are the details: goods and services and fees schedule .





Please fill out the registration form and contact us by using the message box in that form. We will get in touch with you then immediately and discuss the next steps with you.




We get in touch with youWhat happens next after I have registrated?

Once we have received your request, we will get in touch with you. We check if your products comply with our marketplace requirements and sustainability criteria and whether you are a commercial vendor or freelancer. After approval you will receive via e-mail our welcome package with

  • tutorial with information about the vendor backend
  • a SEPA Direct Debit form*
  • our SustainabiltyCheck**
  • Terms and Conditions, seller principles and privacy policy

* please sign and send it back to our postal address in the original
** please send it back for our sustainabilty check


Establish your storeWhen can I start to make my shop ready?

After registration you can complete your shop profile and import products into your shop. On request we can arrange a product upload via CSV.

  • Upload of your logo
  • Upload of your shop banner
  • Enter your shop description
  • Insert your Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy and withdrawal form
  • Enter you PayPal address and bank account data for prepayment orders
  • VAT ID, Tax number
  • Define your shipping methods, shipping costs and free-shipping-limits
  • Upload your products

Once we have completed our check of sustainability and all necessary documents are with us, we will activate your shop. The sale can begin!


documentsWhich information and documents are required for the activation of my shop at Greenpicks?

In the registration form only some basic information are requested to help you having an easy registration process. After approval, please send us

  • the signed SEPA Direc Debit form in the original

plus via e-mail

  • a copy of your business licence
  • the completed sustainabilty check.


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