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Vegan Waiver of ingredients of animal origin

Vegan means to go without raw materials of animal origin. This is reflected in various areas of life, especially in food, natural cosmetic, clothing, furniture and furnishings, in household etc.

Applied concretely to each aspect that is to say, for example:

  • Food: prevention or replacement of meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, eggs, fish, seafood and honey.
  • Natural cosmetics: no animal testing, waiver of ingredients of animal origin
  • Clothing, shoes, bags: waiver of animal wool, silk, leather, furs
  • Furniture & Furnishings: for example exchange of leather seat covers with imitation leather, fabric, Alcantara

The reasons for a vegan lifestyle are varied:

  • Ethical reasons
  • To a sustainable lifestyle belongs the conscious dealing with the life of animals. This results in a consumer behavior that is characterized by ethical behavior and decision making. This includes the rejection of the large-scale animal husbandry as well as the restriction of the freedom of the animals.
  • Ecological reasons
  • A nutrition through plant products is much more efficient than via farm animals, as they themselves must be fed in turn. For this, a multiple of the plant food is needed. That means a lot of energy for fodder production, the use of pesticides and the use of large areas of land.
  • Medical reasons
  • Prevention of diseases of civilasation and allergic reactions to animal-based foods, overweight, etc.
  • Religious or spiritual reasons.

Vegan products can be recognised for example by the „Vegan“-label.

In natural cosmetics the label "Certified Natural Cosmetics" by BDIH provides certainty that no raw materials of dead vertebrates are included and no animal testing has been performed.

For more information, see also Policy Certified Natural Cosmetics by BDIH (only in Germany available).

Please note that the English version of the criterion “Vegan” is only a translation of the German criterion “Vegan”. The translation has been made to the best of the translator’s knowledge and belief. The German version of the criterion “Vegan” always prevail shall in case of doubt.


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