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1. Our search function responds to various search criteria. Just enter whatever it is that you are searching for in the search box on the menu bar, you will receive up to three matching suggestions displayed in a mini-preselection.

2. If you press the enter key on your keyboard or your mobile device or on the magnifying glass all relevant products will be displayed automatically.

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Search results

Search results

If your search is not successful, you receive a message that no results were found for the searched term.

Tip: Check your spelling or search for a synonym.

Categories ➌

Using our product categories, you can browse relaxed through our product range. The categories can be found both in the category tree and clicking on < ALL CATEGORIES >



Brands ➍

If you are looking for a specific brand or collection of your favourite designer, please choose on the top navigation brands.

Shops ➎

You have a favourite shop? Then select on the top navigation shops.

Brands and Shops

Filter ➏

In the left column below the category tree you will find in our product catalogue a bar with folding filters. Of course, you can activate multiple filters at once, to narrow down the search results.

View of the catalogue ➐ ➑

On the catalogue page, you can sort the overview of the products, eg by name, price, brand or most popular articles. Find out more details about the product by clicking on the product image. On the product detail page you can see if there the item is also available in other colours or sizes.

Filter and view of the catalogue

Product detail page

The product detail page provides a numerous information and support to help you to choose the right article. To give you an overview of the individual functions, you will find a detailed list of individual functions.

Product photos

Shows the selected article from different perspectives.


Zooms in part of the product image by using the mouse. When you click on the product image, the entire image is enlarged.


Shows the average of ratings.

Overview of colours

Shows which colours the product is available at Greenpicks.

Overview of sizes

Shows which sizes the product is available at Greenpicks.

Wish list

Click on the wish list to remember products for now or a later purchase.

Compare products

Click on the icon for the compare products to compare the properties of multiple articles.

Sustainability criteria of the product

If you move your mouse over a sustainability criterion, the plain text of the symbol will be displayed. Click on a sustainability criterion, you will receive detailed information about the ecological properties of the product.

Product description

Detailed information such as material, texture, care instructions, usage, production, kind of manufacture, dimensions and fit of an article.


Includes the opinion of customers who have reviewed this product.

You might like also

Recommends articles from the seller / the shop that you might like.


If you have chosen an article, please select properties such as colour and size on the product detail page and then add the item to your shopping cart.

Product detail page