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Baby Hammock Dondolo

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Baby Hammock Dondolo

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Product description

Baby Hammock Dondolo by Erisana

The Dondolo baby hammock is a practical swinging baby crib, which is versatile in combination with a door clamp. The eco baby hammock is ideal for traveling, handy, easy and ready for use. Folded Dondolo baby hammock from Erisana needs short of space.


Swinging and bouncing are basic need of every baby in their early stages of development. Even overactive babies and those with difficulties falling asleep are quickly satisfied and lulled into a gentle and restful slumber.The swaying motion and comfort has even been known to reduce flatulence and indigestion.

The mattress is filled with soft natural Bio sheep’s wool und utilises a steel spring with a loading capacity of 20 kg to enhance movement. Mounting fixtures are included with each hammock, making them simple and safe to install.

The swinging baby crib is made in Swiss.

  • protection, satisfaction and relaxation for your baby
  • soothes your baby through soft swinging and bouncing
  • supports newborns and kids up to 20 kg
  • all Bio cotton and Swiss sheep’s wool
  • for indoors and outdoors
  • simple and safe mounting
  • Keep in mind: a happy baby relaxes parents!

Scope of delivery depending if you choose a door clamp or not

  • 1 hammock made out of organic cotton
  • 1 mattress filled with pure sheep’s wool
  • mattress cover
  • 1 bag for easy transport
  • 1 strip made of ash tree woo
  • 1 steel spring with safety rope and cover
  • 1 removable chain link
  • 1 swinging screw 10 mm
  • 1 dowel 12/70 mm
  • 1 nylon rope of about 2 meters with breaking strain of approx. 150 kg
  • Design of fabrics: ecrú (natural/off white)

(Model 1) with door frame clamp(Model 2) without door frame clamp

Door Frame Clamp

This easy to fit door frame clamp allows a simple attachment of the Baby Hammock Dondolo to all standard size door frames that have square edges. In your house you will always find many unique and strong places to hang up your Baby Hammock Dondolo.

In your house you will always find many unique and strong places to hang up your Baby Hammock Dondolo.

Thanks to this door frame clamp you can simply and easy take the Baby Hammock Dondolo to relatives’, friends’ or with you when you are on holiday.


  • Weight: 295 g
  • Width: 14 cm (unmounted)
  • Height: 28 cm
  • Maximum spann: 35 cm (= Thickness of doorframe)

Mounting and safety instructions Door Clamp:

  • First make sure that the door frame is solid and safe and the edges are square. Always make sure that the door frame clamp is well attached and secure.
  • Hang your Baby Hammock Dondolo on the inside hook.
  • Never swing the hammock, only bounce it up and down.
  • Never leave your child unattended, especially if your baby can sit up.
  • Place the hammock as low as possible and over a soft pad.
  • The manufacture is not liable for responsibility due to accidents or damages.

Security advice: Please note that the weight carrying capacity of all parts is much stronger than required. However do not load more than 20 kg on the steel spring. Never remove the safety rope from the steel spring! Check regularly if the hook is firmly screwed into the ceiling and all other fittings are secured. Never leave the child unattended! Be aware that the baby hammock is neither a toy nor a gymnastic device! The manufacturer declines any liability for accidents. For security reasons, we recommend to place the hammock as deep as possible over a soft pad. Do not use the hammock if the child can sit up, kneel or lift itself up. Use age: 0-9 months. Be aware of interference from older children or pets. Don’t place the hammock near an open fire or other heating devices such as electrical heaters, gas ovens etc. Regulary check all parts and avoid using them if there is any signs of exessive wear. The Baby Hammock Dondolo passes official Product Security Testing.


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Shop Information

Dondolo Baby Hammock in Swiss organic quality

Baby hammocks are specially adapted to the needs of babies. The Dondolo baby hammock by Erisana offers newborns the natural and familiar environment and security they experienced for many months in the womb. High quality requirements, sustainability and fairness in production as well as high safety requirements for the Dondolo spring cradle are the focus of Erisana from Switzerland.

Sturdy Spring Cradle for Newborns

Baby's absolute safety is ensured by sturdy materials such as a steel spring with safety rope and a swinging screw with safety part. Enveloped in organic cotton, the baby lies bedded on a mattress filled with sheep's wool. The organic cotton ensures a particularly pleasant feeling on the skin. This makes the Dondolo baby hammock as similar as possible to the womb.

Where does the hammock come from, who invented it?

Bahamas, 17. Oktober 1492: Christoph Kolumbus noted in his logbook: "Bed and blankets on which those people sleep are a kind of woolen net." He had discovered the hammock, which then spread from Europe to all the colonies. It was light, practical, hygienic – and it was easier to fall asleep in. In 2011, a group of Swiss brain researchers at the University of Geneva also found this out when they investigated the context between swinging and sleeping. They measured the brain waves of adults who were lying on motionless or slightly swinging beds. They found that all participants who were swinged fell asleep more quickly than those who were not rocked.

Safe and satisfied in the Dondolo baby hammock

Swinging and cradling meets a basic need of every baby and promotes its development. The light up and down of the Dondolo spring cradle reminds babies of the movements in their mum's stomach. It also helps restless babies fall asleep and relieves you as parents in everyday life. Thanks to the special spring, the baby is particularly gently weighed. It cries less, drinks more calmly, suffers less often from flatulence and painful colic.

The assembly is very easy. Because it is so easy to assemble and disassemble, the baby hammock is also ideal for travelling or for the garden at home. This way, the baby can continue to swing in its familiar surroundings while on the move. With an additional door frame clamp, the Dondolo baby hammock can be quickly and easily attached to a normal door frame.

When the baby is lying in the Dondolo spring cradle from Erisana, it can watch mummy and daddy doing everyday activities and feel their closeness during the waking phases.

Discover the Dondolo baby hammock in Swiss organic quality in the Erisana online shop at Greenpicks. For each Dondolo purchased, Erisana donates CHF 5.00 to the aid organisation Prem Med in India.

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