FlexiDog 73 Junior + Adult

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FlexiDog 73 Junior + Adult

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Product description

The dried fodder FlexiDog 73 is an excellent complete feed, which has been optimized on the nutritional needs of your dog. Through the selected sources of protein dog food can also be fed to sensitive dogs.

  • For growing and little adult dogs
  • With valuable fatty acids from algas
  • Free of artivicial colours, artificial flavours and preservatives
  • Shiny fur due to valuable fatty acids
  • Easily digestible

Nutrient-optimized complete fodder for growing and little adult dogs
Composition: Whole grain corn, Poultry meat meal, Corn protein, turnips crap, Poulty fat plantal Protein (hydrolysed), Natrium chloride, Algas (dried) 0.3%, Potassium Chloride

Important for:Analytical Components:
Growth, Muscles, Regeneration Protein %  
Energy, shiny fur, healthy skin Fat rate % 12.00
Digestion Raw fibre % 2.30
Maintenance with mineral substances Raw ash % 6.40
Bones, Teeth, Blood clotting Calcium % 1.20
Bones, Teeth, Motion Phosphorous % 0.90
Water- and electrolyte metabolism Natrium % 0.50
  Energy: MJ/kg 15.41
    kcal/kg 3682


*After National Research Council (NRC) 2006

Important for:
Haematosis, Breathing, Enzyme Ferric1 mg/kg 180
Healthy Skin, Cell protection Zinc2 mg/kg 160
shiny Fur, healthy Bones, Cell protection Manganese3 mg/kg 16
Healthy Skin, pretty Fur, Cell protection Copper4 mg/kg 14
Energy metabolism Iodine5 mg/kg 2
Muscles, Cell protection, Fertility Selenium6 mg/kg 0.25

Technological Additives: Antioxidant: heavily tocopherol containing extracts of natural origin.
1 Ferric (ferrous-(II)- sulphate, Monohydrate), 2 Zinc (Glycin-Zincchelat, Hydrate),
3 Manganese (Mangan-(II)-oxid), 4 Copper (Glycin-Copperchelat, Hydrate)
5 odine (Calcium Iodate), 6 Selenium (Sodium Selenite)

Important for:Nutritionally Additives per kg:
Sight, Fertility, Infection resistance Vitamin A I.E./kg 12000
Bone metabolism Vitamin D3 I.E./kg 1200
Cell protection, healthy skin Vitamin E mg/kg 150
water-soluble antioxidant, Cell protection Vitamin C mg/kg 150
Energy metabolism, Nervous function Vitamin B1 mg/kg 8
Enzyme, Energy metabolism Vitamin B2 mg/kg 12
Haematosis, Protein metabolism Vitamin B6 mg/kg 14
Haematosis, Growth, Metabolism Vitamin B12 mcg/kg 65
Carb-, Protein-, Fat metabolism Pantothenic acid mg/kg 30
Growth, Development, Haematosis Folic acid mg/kg 3
Skin, Energy metabolism, Nerves Niacin mg/kg 55
Fat metabolism L-Carnitine mg/kg 150
Sight, Heart muscle, Fertility Taurine mg/kg 1000
Healthy Skin, Energy metabolism Biotin mcg/kg 600


For growing and little dogs

Please keep in a cool, dark and dry place. Packaging tightly close after use. Recommended feeding amounts: see table. Please note that the amounts given are only guidelines and the state of feed of your animal and its activity are to be adapted. Provide your pet always fresh drinking water.

Recommendation for Feeding pro Pet and Day
Weightinacitve/eldernormal activeaktiv
10 kg   85 g 115 g 145 g
20 kg 140 g 193 g 245 g
30 kg 190 g 260 g 330 g
40 kg 240 g 325 g 410 g
60 kg 350 g 455 g 560 g
80 kg 400 g 545 g 690 g

For growing dogs:

Age in Month – Recommendation for Feeding pro Pet and Day
Final weight of adult dog2345-67-1213-20
10 kg 90-120 g 140-160 g 170-180 g 165-190 g
20 kg 140-170 g 240-295 g 310-375 g 320-390 g 300-360 g
30 kg 190-230 g 290-350 g 370-450 g 410-480 g 400-450 g
40 kg 255-310 g 400-440 g 410-530 g 490-560 g 480-540 g
60 kg 290-355 g 490-560 g 580-720 g 700-850 g 800-900 g 750-840 g
80 kg 390-475 g 550-650 g 690-800 g 580-960 g 930-1000 g 850-900 g


Please note that the amounts given are only guidelines and the state of feed of your animal and its activity has to be adapted.

Labeling in German language.

For bulk orders please contact us here.


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