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naftie Veggie Wet Food Trial Bundle for Dogs – Organic Millet & Pumpkin

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naftie Veggie Wet Food Trial Bundle for Dogs – Organic Millet & Pumpkin

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Product description

Vegan canned dog food in organic quality for low-purine diet | naftie

MIXED VEGAN FOOD: Add variety to your furry friend’s vegan diet with our Veggie Wet Food Trial Bundle with a complete range of organic millet and pumpkin, refined with pure plant-based ingredients from certified organic farming. The wet food will also help your dog with low-purine diet! Our vegan wet food mixed selection provide your dog with important nutrients and minerals on a vegetable basis without meat. This supports not only a vegan, but also a low-purine diet for dogs.

Dietary tips from our naturopathic practice for pets:

We also recommend vegan dog wet food

✓ for dogs on a purine-reduced diet ✓ for the support of diet-related diseases ✓ for regular Veggie Day a week ✓ can prevent diet-related hyperacidity ✓ 1-2 days per week to eliminate excess uric acid ✓ for allergic reactions to animal protein ✓ supplementing for dogs of all ages ✓ together with our vegan food supplement VegaNutri for pure vegan dog nutrition✓ VRIENDLY VEGAN LABEL

Hint for allergy sufferer: Vegetable dog food without corn, without soy, without additives, without preservatives.

Hint: Supplement food for dogs DE-OEKO-006

Composition Organic MILLET GOLD: Millet (30 %)*, Red Lentils (25 %)*, Courgette (13 %)*, Peas (12 %)*, Spinach (8 %)*, Apples (5 %)*, Coconut Flakes (1.75 %)*, Rose Hips (1.5 %)*, Coconut Oil (1 %)*, Hemp press cake (1 %)*, Flaxseed meal (1 %)*, Sea Algae (0.3 %), Yeast (0.3 %)*, Egg wrack (0.1 %)*, Seas alt (0.05 %)* from certified organic farming

Ingredients Organic MILLET GOLD:5.1% Crude protein, 2.9% Raw fat, 3.0% Raw fibre, 1.0% Raw ash, 76,4% Moisture Calcium 125.2 mg, Phosphorous 103.9 mg, Ca/Ph-Factor = 1.21, Magnesium 52.6 mg, Natrium 37.5 mg, Potassium 229.2 mg, Iron 1.9 mg, Copper 0.2 mg, Zinc 0.9 mg, Manganese 0.5 mg

Organic MILLET GOLD: Purin real nutrient/100g (Purin-N), unit according to FEDIAF = 0.0110g*, Purin value dry substance TS/100g = 0.05g*

Composition Organic PUMPKIN LOVE: Pumpkin (25 %)*, Sweet potatoes (25 %)*, Chickpeas (23 %)*, Carrots (14 %)*, Chia seeds (2.5 %)*, Pumpkin seeds (2.5 %)*, Potato flakes (2.5 %)*, Coconut Flakes (1.75 %)*, Hemp press cake (1.5 %)*, Coconut Oil (1.25 %)*, Yeast (0.4 %), Sea Algae (0.3 %), Egg wrack (0.1 %)*, Sea salt (0.05 %)* from certified organic farming

Ingredients Organic PUMPKIN LOVE:4.0% Crude protein, 3.9% Raw fat, 3.5% Raw fibre, 1.0% Raw ash, 77.6% Moisture, Calcium 101.8 mg, Phosphorous 101.3 mg, Ca/Ph-Factor = 1.00, Magnesium 47.5 mg, Natrium 34.,0 mg, Potassium 269.5 mg, Iron 1.4 mg, Copper 0.2 mg, Zinc 0.7 mg, Manganese 0.6 mg

Organic PUMPKIN LOVE: Purin real nutrient/100g (Purin-N), unit according to FEDIAF = 0.0095g*, Purin value dry substance TS/100g = 0.04g*

Feeding Guidelines:

Adjust food as needed based on your Dog's age, weight and activity level. from 1 year of age: depending on the activity about 3% of the body weight per day from 7 years of age: with low activity about 2% of body weight per dayDogs in the recovery phase, as well as pregnant or lactating she-dogs, may need up to 5 to 6%.

We generally recommend a varied diet.

GTIN/EAN: 4260642192310 | 4260642192303


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Shop Information

naftie – natural things for animals

As an experienced veterinary natural health practitioner and animal lover, we searched together with our veterinarian and nutritionist for dogs for a feed that meets our expectations of good dog food. Without success. Therefore, we decided to become active ourselves and developed naftie – natural things for animals (loosely translated from German). The first dog food to our taste: Only with high-quality ingredients, 100% organic and, if possible, fresh from the region. Of course, we do not use any flavour enhancers and artificial additives. Likewise on large quantities of meat. Because we are convinced that less meat is better for all animals, our environment and for karma. Do you believe that too? Then this could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

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